donotdisturbI think I’m developing adult ADD. I can’t focus on any one task, and I blame my phone, or rather my relationship with my phone. I don’t have a landline, so I heavily rely on my iPhone. And I’m a big fan of texting and would much rather receive texts than voicemails. But I can’t seem to complete anything without being interrupted or feeling compelled to check something on my phone. I can rarely do even my grocery shopping without feeling like I should look at that text that just came in.

On Monday, I realized that my phone was controlling me. So I turned it off — all the way OFF — to work on my taxes, and I actually concentrated on the work without being interrupted or distracted. I attended to the task at hand. It was wonderful — well, as wonderful as working on my taxes can ever be, I guess.

I’m guessing I’m late to the party on this and have only just now figured out something the rest of you know!

And I’m not blaming the folks who call, text, or email me. It’s my own compulsion to immediately see who it is and what the message is that’s got me so distracted.

So I’m going to turn it off and tune out more. And I’m going to make it a habit to use the Do Not Disturb feature so on the rare mornings when I can sleep in, I’m not jolted from that good sleep with a text.

Leave a message, and I’ll get back to ya.


One thought on “unplugged

  1. We should all turn cells off an hour a day to break the panic reaction when it can’t be found..and for many other reasons! I enjoyed your post, Anne.

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