random thoughts

~ My printer taunts me. “OUT OF PAPER” it shouts, the accusatory notice blinking off and on. And there’s a stack of paper right there in the thing. Grrrrr.

~ Sunshine. It’s absolutely the best thing for my mental health. It’s really too bad that it’s so bad for this white Irish skin.  The choice: sanity or vanity.

~ And another tough choice: Should I open the sunroof and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, or spare my sinuses from a massive intake of pollen?

~ I know I join millions of other Americans in dreading the filing o’ the taxes. It’s such a pain. I’m working on mine, and I hate, hate, hate every minute of it.

~ It totally grosses me out when I have to reach into a sink full of cold, dirty dishwater to pull the plug.

~ Random thoughts, random photos:




~ Good thing it’s been a short week. A longer one would have done me in.

~ The upside of insomnia is more time to read.

~ Yeah, it’s been that kind of week…

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. Again, I love your Random Thoughts posts! They make me smile. And commiserate.
    Totally agree about the sun. Never in my life have I felt the need for light as I do now . . . possibly part of age for me. And the taxes . . . yes, yes, yes. And we use an accountant. But the anxiousness of waiting on everything to get here, gathering it together, and filling out the worksheet, I detest. And the most horrible part of my deal is that I don’t do any of it except wait and gather. One year I decided I was going to learn how without an accountant. What I learned was that people would be in danger around me if I had to do it yearly. And I would be a danger to myself. So, yes, I hate doing them too. 🙂


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