My Saturday was a girls’ day. My sister, niece, and I went shopping, and I began the search for a dress for my son’s upcoming wedding. We headed over to Valdosta, where we didn’t have much success, and then we continued over to a bridal shop in the metropolis of Adel. It was a beautiful day for driving through the south Georgia countryside.


I may have found a dress there, but they will call me back on Monday with more information from the company.

We drove back to Thomasville where we shopped a bit and then decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Jonah’s. They have the best Greek salad in town, and I added Cyclone shrimp to mine. I’m still thinking about how delicious every morsel was.

While we waited to be seated, I snapped some photos of the many faces of my energetic niece:








She most certainly doesn’t get her love of posing for the camera from her mom or from me. Must be from her dad’s side. 😉

Glad to live where I do,


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