random thoughts

~ I like mint and I love lamb, but I do not like them together.

~ I don’t understand why people post photos of wounds on Facebook. Ewwwww. Some of us are eating while we scroll the newsfeed.

~ Made a yummy mocha recently with my Keurig: a dark chocolate hot cocoa pod with a breakfast blend and some milk.

~ I know some of you have seen your share of snow this season (just one snowflake is plenty of snow for me!), but here in the Deep South, we’ve had a few teasers of spring. I’m itching for some pretty blooms on my front porch and to no longer need my seat warmer on the way to work. Some of you are gluten-intolerant. I’m cold-intolerant.

~ random thoughts, random photos:




~ I’ve always thought I hated math, mainly because I’ve felt like I’m lousy at it. Somewhere along the way, probably in middle school, I missed some crucial concepts. Since math skills build on themselves, math was difficult for me all the way through high school and college. But all of a sudden I find myself really enjoying how numbers work, how orderly they are (or are supposed to be when treated right!), and I love the tidiness of numbers that balance at the end of the day. I think this is one aspect of Latin that I love — the patterns, the orderliness, the logic of it.

~ At the risk of this turning into a regular outlet for rants, let me just say that the drivers in my town do not understand the purpose or function of the turn lane. They use it to turn across, leaving their tails out in the lanes of traffic, totally defeating the purpose. Makes me crazy.

I’d better quit now…

Happy Thursday!


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