random thoughts

~ You know what I’m surprised by? Kindness. It makes me cry. Seriously. When someone shows me a kindness, tears spring to my eyes. Which probably freaks them out…

~ You know what I’m so weary of? Jerks. We have a surplus.

~ You know what I love?

  • honesty
  • dark chocolate
  • wise counsel
  • the crushed ice at work

~ You know what I don’t love?

  • the way the guys who do the lawn where I live blow the clippings, mulch, etc. toward my front door.
  • pollen
  • papercuts
  • narcissism

~ photo-3I was surprised to find out via my desk calendar on Monday that we should be observing Benito Juarez‘s birthday. I was surprised because I don’t know who the heck he is/was! And, now, after having googled him, I still don’t know why he appeared on my calendar. So there. I’ve observed his birthday. I hope he’s happy.

~ It was sunny yesterday! And not freezing!

~ I miss Hawaii. I miss my friends there, and I miss the ocean.

Truly thanking God that it’s Friday,


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