another round-up of links around the web:

~ 20 things to give up for Lent. I love this. It’s much better than my plan of giving up my New Year’s resolutions for Lent. 😉  Which, over-achiever that I sometimes am, I completed well before Lent.

~ First Words to the Abused: You’re Not Crazy.  I don’t consider myself abused, but I have often needed sanity checks in the middle of tough situations. A “you’re not crazy” goes a long way to giving hope and relief.

~ A simple lemon wreath 

~ Spritz. You may have seen this way cool reading tool before. I really hope it catches on.

~ 7 Steps Down the Staircase of Dishonesty

~ A fun little blast from the past: The 5 Most Realistic TV Show Families of All Time. And this is why I love Cosby:


~ I disagree with the author on his method being the “only one that works,” but I heartily concur with his assessment of the value of Latin.

~ Eight Ways to Spot Emotionally Healthy Pastors and Staff. I don’t think those ways are limited to that profession…

~ Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid

~ Victor Davis Hanson on Liberals and Their Uppity Enemies

~ The Bigger the Government, the Smaller the Citizen. Another right-on video from Prager University.

Hey, have a great Thursday!


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