random thoughts

~ I know I’ve shared this thought before, but still I really wonder why someone who clearly has nothing but contempt for me would check in on my blog regularly. Life is too short! Move on! 🙂

~ I’ve had to turn my heat back on the past couple of days. Hellllooooo, it’s mid-April. 80 degrees, please.

~ Lately, I think I could eat sushi every single night.

~ True confession: Every morning I’m very careful to turn down my music before I pull into the parking lot at work.

~ random photos:


Cherokee Lake


in downtown Thomasville


underneath a sculpture by the river in Chattanooga

~ I recently won the March Madness NCAA bracket challenge at work. It cracks me up because I neither care anything about nor know anything about basketball. And it goes to show that it’s all luck. Somehow I managed to pick 3 of the Final 4. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket…

~ I’m really thankful for my job and for the people I work with.

~ I’m also thankful for a day off work today.

~ 22 years ago, on Good Friday, I became a mom.


Happy Friday,


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