“God doesn’t want us to grow in self-confidence.”

overcomingFrom Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety by Elyse Fitzpatrick:

(The context of this quote is Moses’ fear and reluctance to answer God’s call to go to Pharaoh.)

I can really identify with Moses’ fear, can’t you? I can’t do that…I’m not good at public speaking…but what if they don’t believe me. Can’t you just picture it? I can. In fact, I think I’ve had those kinds of conversations with the Lord. All along, God was encouraging Moses. He assured him of His presence and His power to accomplish His will. But all Moses could see was his own inadequacy, fear and unbelief.

Notice that God didn’t spend time trying to boost Moses’ self-confidence. Rather, God kept reminding him that he should put his confidence in Him. Whenever we spend time trying to convince ourselves that we’re really better or stronger or wiser than we know we are, we’re doomed to failure. God doesn’t want us to grow in self-confidence. He wants us to put all of our trust in Him. After all, He’s the only one who’s powerful enough to overcome the Pharaohs in our lives.

As Moses grew in his trust of the Lord, God used him to accomplish a great deliverance. In fact, Moses is now known as one of the greatest leaders in biblical history. But that wasn’t because he was such a brave guy all on his own, was it? It was only because of God’s great power and His determination to accomplish His purpose. And what God did for Moses, He can do for you. You can rest in the knowledge that if God is calling you to do something, even if it’s just being brave enough to go to church and speak with people, then His grace will be effective in your life, too.


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