I’m excited about my first “normal” — whatever that is! — Saturday in a very long time.

The newlyweds left early this morning to head back to their apartment and begin setting up their new life together. After I saw them off, I got back into bed with a cup of tea and spent some time with my Bible and other books. I’m working through the names of God, and this morning the focus is on Rishon Va-Acharon, which means the first and the last. I’m thinking about how infinite God is, and I’ve parked for a little while on Jeremiah 32:17 — Nothing is too hard for God! Nothing!


The washing machine is already doing its work, and I’ve got a grocery list started. I’m embarrassed to think about how long it’s been since I shopped for “real” food or cooked a “real” meal. I’m planning to put a roast on, and I’m looking forward to that delicious aroma filling up my house. (I’ll have to share sometime how I cook a pot roast. I do it the way my grandmother did — on the stove top, and not in the oven.)

I will do some long-neglected cleaning, too, before the dust bunnies organize an army and overthrow the vacuum cleaner.  And I have a load of clean dishes to remove from the dishwasher. I’d love to tackle my closet as well, but I think that’s probably a little over ambitious for today.

And all of this I will do inside, with the benefit of central air-conditioning, because it is a typical humid, everything-outside-is-wet, south Georgia summer day.


So I will begin settling back into a “new normal” now as summer begins, grateful for all of the big events of May and looking forward to some quieter moments.

Happy Saturday to you!




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