random thoughts

~ I know that I’m old-fashioned, but I really prefer books without a lot of distracting sidebars and multiple fonts on the same page. I’m going through a book now on the names of God, and the layout inspires a full-blown case of ADD. It reminds me of those Magic School Bus books that my kids had.

~ Here is one of my grammar pet peeves, apparently shared by Walter Williams:


~ If the World Cup isn’t full of coffee, I’m not interested.

~ I drove seven hours on Saturday, and ten minutes before I got home I hit a deer. Good times.

~ I really, really, really want to be near white sand and blue/green water.

~ I have to go to the dermatologist today. My niece helpfully informed me that the reason I need to go is because I’m old.

~ Children should be seen and not heard. (Just kidding. Kind of.) 😉

~ random thoughts, random photos:




Happy Tuesday to y’all,

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