“…everything will be alright. He will make it so.”

51zK+xrChRL._SY300_From Mary Kassian’s Knowing God by Name:

I love the fact that God is sovereign. For me, this is a most precious thought and the source of eternal hope, confidence, comfort, and joy. His sovereignty means I can trust Him. When the ugliness of sin, strife, and struggle seems more than I can bear; when life deals me a bitter blow and my heart is crushed with pain; when everything seems out of control, I can anchor myself to His greatness. His sovereignty is my surety. I can rest in the knowledge that when all is said and done everything will be alright. He will make it so. His counsel will stand, and He will accomplish His purpose. He is sovereign. He is God.

One thought on ““…everything will be alright. He will make it so.”

  1. The sovereignty of God is balm to my soul, and the very place I place my anchor. None of this life is a surprise to Him. Thank you for Mary Kassian’s exhortation today. Blessings!

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