on assurance

smoothstonesFrom Smooth Stones Taken From Ancient Brooks:

Weak Christians are very apt to make sense and feeling the judge of their spiritual estate and condition; and therefore, upon every turn, they count themselves miserable, and conclude that they have no grace because they can not feel it, nor discern it, nor believe it; and so making sense, feeling and reason the judge of their estate, they wrong, and vex, and perplex their precious souls, as if it were not one thing to be the Lord’s, and another thing for a man to know that he is the Lord’s; as if it were not one thing for a man to have grace, and another thing to know that he has grace.

One thought on “on assurance

  1. Is he talking about “assurance” or about “grace”? I thought the usual phrase was “assurance of salvation”– though obviously grace is essential there (Oooh…must resist temptation to substitute “crucial” in the happy certainty that your skill with word derivatives is such that you’ll know *exactly* why that fits even better than “essential”)

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