random thoughts

~ I just noticed the theme of the grocery list hanging on my fridge.  Milk, Keurig, LaCroix, Coke… Only beverages.  Not much cooking going on these days! I’m looking forward to returning to some domesticity after my honeymoon.

~ 9 days until I marry this guy!

~ Is it just me or are the news headlines this week more depressing than usual?

~ Auburn football kicks off TOMORROW! I’ve got a busy day and and a long to-do list to take care of before that kickoff.

~ random thoughts, random photos:




~ As I mentioned above, I haven’t been cooking lately, and I miss it. But yesterday I had lunch at Liam’s with some friends and then supper at Jonah’s with Paul. It was the perfect Thomasville day. And earlier this week I went to a work party at Sweet Grass and met with two friends for reception planning at Grassroots. We have some good eats in this little town. Which explains why I had to swap the dress I’m wearing to my wedding for a larger size.

~ I finally had an evening this week to clean my house. I can’t tell you how much better I feel and how much I thoroughly enjoyed such a mundane task! I’m even getting up earlier in the mornings because I enjoy my tidy surroundings.

~ A peeve: I get annoyed when I’m making a purchase in a store and the cashier/salesperson never says a word — not “hi”, “you’re total is _____,” “thank you,” etc.  And then when I say “thank you,” she says “you’re welcome” like she just did me a huge favor.

~ A positive: I’m so grateful for where I work. I imagine it would be terrible to spend 40 hours a week with people you didn’t like or get along with. I’m so thankful for the pleasant, positive, and funny people I’m with during my work week.

~ The “Rant & Rave” section of our local newspaper can be pretty funny:


And with that I wish you a Happy Friday and a good Labor Day Weekend,


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