“You don’t roll your eyes, furrow your brow…”

everydayprayersFrom Scotty Smith’s Everyday Prayers: 365 Days to a Gospel-Centered Faith:

Gracious Father, it’s a source of incredible comfort to know that you are tenaciously at work in changing us—in making us more like Jesus. For you’ve promised to bring to completion the good work you began in your children. I’d despair if this wasn’t the case, for the disparity between Jesus’ beauty and my brokenness is overwhelming to me at times. The thoughts I think, the things I feel, the choices I make are so unlike Jesus. I could never be my own savior, and only a great Savior like Jesus is sufficient for someone like me. But as the God of peace, you’re making me wholly holy, changing me through and through. You’re freeing every part of my being—spirit, soul, and body—from the effects and affects of sin. You’re not anxious about the process. You’re at peace, even when I’m not. You don’t roll your eyes, furrow your brow, clear your throat, or show any signs of a nervous twitch when you think about me. O kind Father, you rest in your love toward me in Jesus.

so what do you think?

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