​As you may have noticed, I’ve recently taken up a new hobby and am now obsessed with knitting. It all started when a cute little yarn shop opened in my town, and my coworkers and I got together for two knitting lessons there. Our first project was small enough to get some instant gratification:


We made a coffee cup cozy! I need to move the buttons on mine to make it fit the cup a little tighter. I decided to cast on fewer stitches on the second one I made, and to use only one button. Here’s how that one turned out:


Finishing the first scarf was quite a learning experience. It took all my powers of concentration to keep the stitches even, to knit and not purl, and not to add extra stitches along the way. I messed up, pulled it all apart, and started over more times than I can say. But after some hairpulling and much sighing, I had a breakthrough when I finally figured out how to take stitches out, fix a mistake and move on. Undoing and redoing is instructive, and I’d argue that the same is often true in life. When you have to recognize a problem, figure out what’s going on, and then fix it and move on, you’ve usually learned something valuable.


As I told Paul after I triumphantly admired my first scarf, I’m an old dog who has learned a new trick! And that trick is a relaxing and productive hobby that promises many projects and learning opportunities. When watching football or on the road (as a passenger, of course!), I can have something tangible to show for my time. It relaxes me, as well, and I’ve had less shoulder/neck tension as a result. It’s also been a fun bonding activity for some of the ladies at work, and we are avid supporters of our town’s new yarn shop.

So far I’ve made four infinity cowls. This is a recent one, and it’s also my first try at knitting a pattern:

sanibel cowl

Reading and photography have gone by the wayside as I’ve pursued this new hobby. If I could only figure out a way to combine all three, it would be perfect!

Any fellow knitters out there? I’ve joined ravelry. Let me know if you’re on there, and give me your best tips/tricks!

Still learning,


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