“so that we are no longer….children”

ephesiansOn maturity from Let’s Study Ephesians by Sinclair B. Ferguson:

The ministry of the Word enables us to mature so that we are no longer…children. Children grow in stages. As infants they are unsteady on their feet and easily knocked over; they are readily distracted; they lack the necessary experience to distinguish the insignificant from the really valuable; they are easily taken in by the superficial; they find it difficult to see things in the long term.

The same is true spiritually. Immature believers are today exposed to ‘the latest thing’, the most recent ‘wind of doctrine; that blows through the evangelical church. The marketing of literature, television preachers, seminars, videos, DVDs and the like almost necessitates novelty. The pride of the human heart does not like to be thought old-fashioned. A new wind blows through each year, a hurricane every few years. Many are swept off their feet by teaching that may begin with an open but misinterpreted Bible and ends with a deceived mind.

But the prolonged, intensive, faithful exposition of God’s Word delivers us from immaturity. Indeed, as the psalmist notes, knowing Scripture can give us more understanding then our teachers and make us wiser than our enemies (Ps. 119:98-99). Study and meditation, application and obedience develop in us the ability to see clearly, to distinguish between what is true and false, and also between what is good and what is really best. We are then not deceived by false teaching. The truth of the gospel makes our spiritual antennae sensitive.


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