saturday (eliza day)

Good morning! I’m happily enjoying another lazy Saturday morning, sipping coffee and reading in bed. My niece spent the night last night and kept me up well past my (wimpy) early bedtime watching a movie on the Disney Channel. She stayed up much later, so she’s sleeping in now. When she gets up, we’ll plan our day.

edayIf you don’t follow me on instagram, you may not know that today is Eliza Day. Paul and I gave her that for her birthday last month, and today is the day. We’ll do what she wants to do, and so far I know that involves going to see the new Pixar movie.

For now, in the quiet of my bedroom, I’ve finished one book and am trying to finish another. We’re getting some much-needed rain, and it feels a lot like an Anne Day at the moment. 🙂

I may add more to this post if time allows, but for now I wish you a Happy Saturday,


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