monday miscellany

another collection of links:

~ Admit it, Dems: Hillary could strangle a live puppy on live tv and you’d still back her.

~ Now this is disturbing: Tennessee is the capital of American Jihad

~ Secrets in Obama’s Iran deal. Is anyone really surprised by this?

~ How reading can transform your health.

~ The Planned Parenthood videos are stomach-churning. I’ve read lots of good commentary on them but this is one of the best: Victims and Perpetrators. Here’s a peek:

The first thing that jumps out at me is that this entire horror show is run by women. It’s startling actually. The abortion doctors, the nurses, the baby-part-wholesalers, the corporate bureaucracy, and obviously every mother who turns up at a Planned Parenthood chop shop to have her own baby executed and sold for parts. Clearly, the entire situation is built on the premise of men’s sin . . . but the fact remains that this grisly, depraved, monstrous assault on human dignity is being conducted by women. I’ve seen a lot of “this is a war on women” and “women betrayed” kind of language lately . . . and it’s completely true. But the thing I continue to find odd is that it’s a war on women which is being conducted by women. Everyone (rightly) keeps noticing parallels between America’s abortion mills and Nazi Germany, but I think there’s another similarity besides the gruesome nature of the problem and the massive body count.

~ Then again, most Americans are in the dark about Planned Parenthood videos. But just about everyone knows who Caitlyn Jenner is and that Ben Affleck was having an affair with his nanny. Maybe America deserves a President Donald Trump.

Happy Monday from Debbie Downer!



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