so many books…

…so little time! As usual, I have many books in progress. I’ve been distracted from reading lately, too, by knitting, but that’s okay. Here’s a quick look at what’s currently on my nightstand:


I started this one last week, and I really like it. I’m taking it slow and meditating on the questions and assignments at the end of the chapters.


This one isn’t a quick read, either, and it’s full of food for thought.


I pick this one up here and there and read a short chapter.


This is one that I’m determined to finish, but it’s low priority.


We’re slowly working our way through this one at work.

Paul and I have a getaway planned next weekend, and I’ll take a good beach read along. I need more fiction in my life!

What’s on your nightstand?


so what do you think?

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