Here’s another collection of links from ’round ye ole sphere:

~ Chipotle Church and the Problem of Choice

~ Barack Obama: Worst. President. Ever.

~ 10 Diagnostic Questions for Your Marriage

~ Thank God for Your Normal, Boring Life:

If your life feels ho-hum and humdrum, if you struggle to find contentment in the ordinary and mundane, if you are tempted to break free from the predictable routine of life with stupidity or sinfulness, consider for a moment that your boring life is the envy of almost every person sitting right now in a hospital bed or a refugee camp. Consider how many friends and family members would gladly trade in all their frenzied commotion and uncertain schedules for a single day of your plain-jane normalcy. The only people bored with boring are those who have never had to live without it.

~  Why Living “Presently” Could Ruin Your Entire Life:

Most lifestyle “gurus” have sold us on the idea of living for the moment — that right now is all that exists — and that we should only do that which makes us feel good.

Although this advice is alluring and justifying, it often fails to produce desirable results in the real world. Actually, in many cases, it ruins people’s lives.

Living for the moment is the reason people leave marriages, lose control over their health, and why America is trillions of dollars in debt.

~ I would really love to make this Secret Garden Shawl.

Well, that’s it for now. Happy Monday, y’all!

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