reading plan for 2016


2015 was not a good reading year for me, primarily because it was not a good sleeping year. Insomnia kicked off a maddening cycle of waking up too early and then being too tired to read at bedtime. This year, I intend to fight that cycle by getting up to read when I can’t sleep instead of tossing, turning, fretting, and wasting that time.  And I’ve decided to try an actual reading plan this year — the Challies 2016 Reading Challenge. I’m aiming for the committed reader category, and as much as possible, I’ll read books from my own shelves and Kindle library.

Also, I’ll be using the M’Cheyne Bible reading plan this year. I’ve used it before and look forward to revisiting, using these bookmarks for my Bible.

I’ll have to cut back my social media and internet surfing, and I’m letting magazine subscriptions (even the free ones) lapse in order to be more intentional with my reading.

Yeah, I’m aiming high, but why not? I enjoy reading and need to impose some structure and self-discipline in order to get back in to one of my lifelong passions. I won’t always want to participate in a formal challenge, but I think it will help me change some habits in 2016. So here goes…

I’ll be keeping a list of completed books again.

Do you have any reading plans for 2016? Do share!

Happy reading!



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