monday miscellany

The first round-up of the new year:

~ The baffling mystery of Hawaii’s disappearing humpback whales. For over four years when stationed in Hawaii, we lived on the Pacific Ocean. One of our favorite things about that house was seeing the whales from our backyard.

~ The one must-read this year.

~ How to hang curtains like a pro! (Don’t do it the way I did it about 15 years ago! I ended up in the hospital having a titanium rod inserted from knee to ankle.)

~ 10 check up questions for the new year.

~ The most essential life skill: Teachability.  Amen!

~ Jesus Fell Asleep:

For centuries, earnest Christians faithfully following Jesus have experienced a God who seems asleep at times, sometimes for long seasons in their lives. In the disciples’ case in Luke 8, He literally was asleep. In my life, it has seemed He slept as I needed direction. Sometimes, He felt asleep as I needed deliverance from a trial. But as time goes on and I can look back, I recognize that He really seemed asleep because He was at complete peace in how He was moving in my life—what He was teaching me and how the circumstances would resolve for His purposes in my life. He didn’t give me direction for a year because it was the absolute lack of direction that would funnel me into His next steps for my life. He didn’t deliver me from my trial because the trial itself was my path. He is at peace with His plan for my life. He loves me, so I can be at peace too through His grace. It blesses me to think of my God with a sovereign micro plan over my finite earthly life that feeds into His macro plan for His kingdom purposes. And it blesses me to think of Him completely at peace with the circumstances He has put in my life, so much so that He can sleep knowing that His purposes are good and they will be carried out.

My reading life: Beach Music  Janie writes about the beauty in Pat Conroy’s writing, and I heartily agree.

Happy first Monday of 2016!


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