saturday hashtags

  • woke up with a headache, but found out it’s an anne day. #badnewsgoodnews
  • slow start, then a weight watchers meeting where the women beside me chatted the entire time. note to self: go to earlier meeting on saturdays #rude #takeitoutside
  • came home to a husband cleaning. he was joined by his son. #bestillmybeatingheart #realmenuseswiffers
  • can’t kick the headache #haventgottimeforthepain
  • cleaned out and organized my purse #nerdjoys
  • resting, interrupted sporadically by laundry folding #theresalwayslaundry
  • trying to finish up Making a Murderer #disturbing #morequestionsthananswers
  • new knitting project that is calling my name #indulgentknitting #justforme #etherialshawl #shibuiknits
  • so many books calling my name, too. #vtReadingChallenge
  • a husband who picks up sushi for me #anneday #paul #besthusbandever

so what do you think?

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