miscellany: knitting edition

greyred~ The health benefits of knitting:

Using your hands meaningfully triggers healthy engagement and activity in about 60 percent of your brain, said Alton Barron. The rhythmic, mathematical nature of knitting and crocheting keep the mind absorbed in a healthy way, providing an escape from stressful thoughts but allowing for internal reflection, said Carrie Barron.

While television can engage people from the outside, the mind requires stimulation from within in order to “free associate” or think imaginatively, she said. The psychiatrist suspects the return to knitting is a response to the rise in technology, much like the arts and craft movement followed the industrial revolution.

~ Knitting makes humans warmer & happier.

~ The secret to becoming a great knitter.

~ Avoiding ears when casting on and off.

~ A ravel of knitting words:

The word that started it all, the verb knit has been used in English since about 1000 AD. It derived from the Old English word cnyttan, which means “to tie in a knot,” which was its first meaning. By the 1300s, the verb referred to tying string or thread into a net, and in 1530, we have our first use of knit to refer to the creation of an object by weaving together a series of interlocking loops using two needles (“I knyt bonettes or hosen.”)

From the verb, we get the noun knit showing up in the late 1500s. It initially referred to a knit stitch, one of the two foundation stitches that make up all knitting (as in, “work in knit for two rows”), then came to be used for knitted fabric (“knit stretches more than lawn“) and items made by knitting (“hand-wash delicate knits“).

~ Fuzzy Goat is simply the best local yarn shop. If you’re ever in Thomasville, Georgia, it’s definitely worth stopping by. Tell Cadence I sent you. 🙂

~Happy knitting, y’all!


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