getting my reading groove back

pagesI firmly believe that our lives have seasons, and some are busier than others. Priorities and preferences change, and we grow out of and into habits and routines. For the past few months I’ve felt like I was in a reading rut, not really enjoying the books I slogged through. But I recently got my groove back, and here’s how:

~ I moved. Now that the bulk of that torture is over and we’re getting settled into our new house, I have a little more time and energy to read — in a place I love. A comfy new chair, a new bed and bedding, and a big bathtub — all places perfect for reading!

~ I read an easy thriller that compelled me to keep reading past the four or five pages that I had been reading before bed. My brain and my eyes are usually too tired to make it through more than that.

~ I found a couple of podcasts that encourage me to read (and are a much-needed break from current events podcasts that I usually listen to on my commute):

  • From the Front Porch – the owner of an indie bookshop in Thomasville hosts this weekly podcast, and the mix of guests, book recommendations, and local flavor combine into a happy little stew of goodness. Seriously, it’s just a pleasure to listen to this.
  • What Should I Read Next – this one is very new to me, but I’ll be back for more. Lots of book talk with interesting people and just a positive, pleasant attitude. The world needs more of that, if you ask me.

~ I read a book by an author I’ve always enjoyed. It had me reading during my lunch hour, past my bedtime, and at any other spare moment I could find.

Ever get into a reading rut? What’s your strategy for pulling out of it? What are you reading now?

Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “getting my reading groove back

  1. So glad you are moved and more-or-less settled! And glad you’ve gotten your reading juju back! 🙂 I had several duds a couple of weeks ago and just felt so out of sorts. Pat Conroy saved my day though.

    I’ve got Paris on my list but way down the road. Good to know it is as good as his others. And sounds like I might need to try Marcia Clark’s sometime.

    Thanks! And so glad I’ll start seeing more booktalk from Georgianne! (Will you become Floridanne?)

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