random thoughts

~ Coconut milk ice cream, y’all.

~ I’m spending less and less time on Facebook these days. It’s no longer a place where friends share tidbits from their lives. It’s become a chaotic mix of links, complaints about politics, likes, “which _____ am I?” quizzes, and home-based businesses.

~ Instagram and Twitter are my favorite social media hangouts these days. Will has encouraged me to get into Snapchat, but I feel like an old lady trying to hang out with the yutes there.

~ I recently watched two good movies on Netflix: Spotlight and The Big Short.

~ We’re pretty much settled into our new house, but we still have some more boxes to retrieve from storage. Stuff is less and less appealing to me, and I’ve been quite inclined to get rid of things I haven’t used or even thought about in a long time. This past weekend, I texted photos of items to my kids and let them claim what they wanted. I’ve got two boxes in the garage all ready to take to them.

~ Speaking of our new house, I love it. Everything is easier in this space — even laundry. And everything is fresh and clean — a literal fresh start. I especially love cooking in my new kitchen.


~ Cookin’ with gas! I made this One Pot Chicken Risotto recently, and it’s a do-over. And this Low Carb Baked Chicken and Cauliflower Rice was yummy, too. I used Trader Joe’s Organic Riced Cauliflower.

Random thoughts, random photos:




~ Notice a little theme there? I really, really, really wish we were at the beach.

Have a good evening y’all,


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