“…but I have lost sight of Jesus in all this mess.”

hammerFrom Hammer of God by Bo Giertz:

Thus it came about that the city curate of Lund preached in Ödesjö church on this Sunday fifty-five years after his death. First, he pictured the Transfiguration, which had ended with the three disciples daring again to lift up their dazzled eyes to behold no one but Jesus only. Then he went on to describe how this lifting up of the eyes or lowering of them was a picture of the soul’s condition at different stages on the way of salvation. “When a sinner first has the eyes of his understanding opened, they are directed downward upon his own unblessed and lost state. The law constrains a man to look chiefly at himself, and drives him to compare his corrupted nature with the holiness of God and his guilt with the righteousness of God.”

Why, this describes my own condition, thought Fridfeldt. He read on:

“But afterward the Holy Spirit lifts the eyes of our understanding to Jesus only. It is a blessed thing when a believing soul looks in the Word for Jesus only.”

That I have not done, thought Fridfeldt. I have looked for penitence, for amendment of life. I have taken stock of my deeds, but I have lost sight of Jesus in all this mess.

“It is a blessed thing when the faithful soul in prayer fixes his uplifted eyes of faith on Jesus only; when he does not look about him to lay hold on his own scattered thoughts, nor behind him at Satan who threatens him with the thought that his prayer is in vain, nor within him at his sloth and lack of devotion; but looks up to Jesus, who sits at the right hand of God and makes intercession for us.”

Fridfeldt saw that this applied to him. To think that he had not understood this before!


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