3 Link Thursday

In lieu of Monday Miscellany, here are three links that have made me think — on a Thursday:

~ From one of my new favorites, Modern Mrs. Darcy: Is that novel worth your time?

~ The great enemy of self control is feeling:

Your life should be built on fact. Theological fact first. The way the world actually is, second, meaning natural revelation. I would put math third. All such facts are just the way a foundation ought to be—hard, cold, rigid concrete. It doesn’t wobble. If you anchor your feelings to such facts, the end result is that your feelings will be disciplined by them, and you will finally be able to enjoy your feelings. Feelings are like children—when they are wild and undisciplined they are no fun at all. Little hellions is what they are. Nothing worse than chaotic feelings with runny noses.

~ George Orwell, call your office.

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