a little Saturday miscellany

It’s been a crazy week — big project at work — so the blog has dropped way down on the priority list. I’m enjoying a lazy morning today, though, so here are a few links:

~ A reminder for clueless jerks: DON’T DRIVE SLOW IN THE LEFT LANE.  Can you hear me shouting “Amen!”? The article mentions that Georgia is aggressive about writing tickets for this, but I’ve never seen it happen.

~ Socialists are scarcity deniers. Which is just another way to say that they live in the land of fairies and elves.

~ The ten item wardrobe. I’m seriously interested in this.

~ Busyness is not the problem:

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Rather than commanding us to try harder to find him, God tells us to be still and know him. Stop. Enough. Cease striving. Because he is God and he is moving and doing glorious things in both the sunshine and the rain, whether we stop and notice or not. We must not miss out because our hearts are too busy.

Though I would never admit it, it’s almost as if I want to streamline and organize and simplify my life to a point where I no longer need God to get me through my day. But my strengths and abilities will fail, again and again. I need a Savior every day.

Perhaps feeling overwhelmed and inadequate isn’t such a bad thing if that is what brings me to my knees and shatters my false sense of security. To the place where I realize my planning and intelligence and coping mechanisms mean absolutely nothing if I’m not becoming more and more like Christ and resting in the strength and presence of my creator, the author of my day. More of him and way, way less of me.

Read the whole thing.

~ I need to watch some more things like this to get me in the mood for football season. It’s been a long HOT summer, and I’m just not feeling it.

That’s it for now. Happy Saturday, y’all!


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