Hi, my name is Anne, and I have KADD (knitting attention deficit disorder). I have multiple projects in progress, and that never stops me from casting on another — and another. However, I’ve found that it’s handy to have a variety of challenges on hand. I always need an easy Netflix-and-knit project, something repetitive that I can knock out on a roadtrip, something more challenging that I can conquer, and something that I need to set aside and think on for a bit. And any of these are subject to being ripped out at any time.

knitting bag

Currently in my knitting bag are these works-in-progress (wip):

Baby bibs and washcloths in cotton. I’ve found that knitting with cotton yard is hard on my hands (there is no “give” in it), so I only work on these in short spurts.


My first grown-up sweater (I’m seriously contemplating frogging this one and using the yarn for something else). I love the yarn, but I just don’t love the project. I’m trying to decide if that’s reason to move on or not.


Reyna Shawl in dreamy Anzula Squishy:

squishy reyna

My second Strathmore scarf with Quince and Co Sparrow.  I made one for my mom and decided I wanted one just like it. This second one has been all kinds of trouble, though, and I put it aside weeks ago.


And even with all of that going on, I have serious urges to cast on a dress for Kenna and a little black shawl for me. And I’ve already got Christmas gift ideas percolating.

Are you a knitter? If so, do you have KADD, or do you knit one project at a time?

Off to surf ravelry,




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