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Last year I happened upon bullet journals, and the organization nerd in me loved the idea. I promptly purchased a new Moleskine and set about creating one of my own. I used the advice here and other tips I found on pinterest, but I just didn’t love it. Therefore, I didn’t keep it handy, and I eventually abandoned it altogether. I’d kept it very simple, but it wasn’t visually appealing to me, and I didn’t like the size of the journal or the way it felt.

leuchtturmI kept seeing bullet journals referenced and recommended, though, and the idea still appealed to me. With a birthday gift card to Amazon (thanks Will & Anna!), I ordered a Leuchtturm1917 notebook, and I scoured the internet for potential layout ideas. I got out my Sharpie pens and Prismacolor pencils and set to work.

So far, so good. I’ve kept it out and open on my desk at work, and it’s always close by at other times. I’ve been careful to update it in the evenings. I find that I’m checking off more to-dos , and I’m dumping stuff out of my brain and onto pages in the journal. Ahhhhh. That feels so much better than keeping stuff in my head.


The size – especially the width – of the pages in the Leuchtturm is just more user friendly in my opinion, and I love the dotted pages. I also added color to my layouts, and therefore I’m more drawn to keeping the book open. I’ve added pages for lists I want to keep – quotes, Christmas gifts, books I want to read, books I’m reading, etc. I’ve got weekly layouts through December so far, and there are plenty of pages left.


It’s not super fancy – and if you google you’ll find bullet journals that are works of art! – but it works for me so far.

Anyone else out there keeping a bullet journal?


8 thoughts on “bullet journal

  1. Well I don’t bullet journal as such but I do have a Leuchtturm1917 diary. A5 sized with a week to a page on the left and a lined page on the right and quite a lot of blank pages at the back for notes.. I have used one of these for three of the last four years and LOVE it. The paper is beautiful and the layout is perfect – diary on the left, weekly to do list on the right. It has done away with a thousand pieces of paper everywhere and is well worth the annual investment. I smiled a big smile when I saw the picture of your notebook because I know how much I love my diary.

  2. Your bullet journal is SO much prettier than mine! But it has been working for me for a few months now, so much better than my old planner. I find that actually having to create the spaces for my weekly lay outs every week or two keeps me more engaged with it and more likely to use it, and I keep it with me at all times. I love having spaces to keep track of so much more than to-do’s! I’ve always used a written planner since high school, but I’m loving the freedom bullet journaling provides.

    • I agree! Creating my own layout makes me more likely to use it, and there’s just something about writing things out that is therapeutic and “real” to me. I have never been able to maintain an electronic planner for long.

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