monday miscellany

From around the web:

~ Interest span vs. attention span

There’s nothing wrong with our attention spans, he said (and I’m paraphrasing here). We are perfectly able to pay attention to what we want to—do you think you can binge a Netflix series in a weekend if you can’t pay attention?

It’s not our attention span that causes us to zone out when we’re bored; it’s our interest span. We don’t lose focus when we care about what we’re watching, or reading, or listening to. And, interestingly, the thing that’s most likely to hook us, to get us to care, is empathy.

~ The heart of middle school meanness

~ It feels like America is descending into chaos.

~ I don’t want a celebration of life; I want a burial service.

~ The ten themes of Proverbs

~ Trump Administration to Teachers: You must use a transgender student’s “preferred pronouns”:

What this means is that students and teachers who refuse to use “preferred pronouns” can be investigated for violating a transgender students civil rights. For example, if a transgender girl (i.e., a boy who identifies as female) wants to be referred to as “she” the student would be in violating of a federal law for referring to him as “he.” Similarly, a student who was non-gender conforming may prefer to use pronouns such as “ze” or “they” and it would be considered a violation to refer to them as “he” (if they are biological male) or “she” (if they are a biological female).  (There are also other transgender pronouns such as zie, sie, ey, ve, tey, and e.)

~ I love one pan suppers, and this one looks good: Italian Chicken Sheet Pan Supper

Happy Monday y’all!


One thought on “monday miscellany

  1. I *always* like your Monday Miscellany posts (even if I don’t acknowledge them)! This is the first I’ve heard of transgender pronoun usage (I’ve pretty much dissociated myself with news), and, oh, my. How much more confusing can this thing get? I’ve always thought that individuals who claim to be part of the LGBT community are some of the most confused persons today, and I really feel sorry for them. I know they think they see things perfectly clearly, but I disagree. Now their “clarity” is spreading to the rest of us as great confusion. Are we entering another time of the Genesis 11: 1-9 backwards?

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