monday miscellany

From ’round the sphere:

~ Angered at and angry with:

It’s when I’m sinned against in anger that I am most likely to sin in anger.It’s when I’m angered at that I tend to get angry with. And it’s right then that a soft answer might just turn away wrath. It might just turn it away from that other person and it would certainly turn it away from me.

It’s easy enough to provide a soft answer to a soft question. It takes little wisdom and little godliness to do that. But it’s a great challenge to provide a soft answer to a harsh question. It’s a greater challenge still to answer gently when rebuked savagely. It takes unusual wisdom and godliness to resist the temptation to snap, to retaliate, to answer in kind.

~ 7 signs you’re way too busy

~ a podcast playlist – A couple of these are already in my rotation, but there are some new-to-me ones to try.

~ When did Solomon write Proverbs 5-7 (the warnings against adultery):

Yet I am increasingly convinced that Solomon was actually younger or middle aged when he wrote Proverbs 5-7. Given Solomon demise later in life this is absolutely shocking and serves as fitting warning to us. What all of this means is that Solomon—much like many of us—thought he was an exception to the rules. He knew full well that he was holding fire to his chest, but he thought he wouldn’t have gotten burned.

~ If you’re a knitter, you might find this handy: Watch youtube in slow motion

I often go to the internet when I need to know how to do a particular knit stitch, and it’s frustrating when the tutorial moves so quickly that you can’t see each motion that makes up the stitch. I lamented this to Paul, and he quickly found a solution. I just enter the url of the video I’m watching here, and voila! It slows things down enough for me to catch on.

~ Picnic in a glass 

Happy Monday y’all!


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