monday miscellany

From here and there:

~ Today, more than ever, read beyond the headlines.

~ I’m really baffled that anyone thought this needed to be said – Are Smart, Educated Women Still Called to the Church Nursery? When my children needed nursery care, my husband was often deployed, and those couple of hours they were tended to while I worshiped were essential to me spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. So after my children were older, I counted it a privilege to return the favor to other parents. Never once have I thought it was a waste of my time, energy, or talents. It was simply a way to serve others, and I knew from experience that it was a real service.

~ 10 reasons why knitting is good for your health

~ Remembering 9/11 will surely take a back seat today in Florida as Hurricane Irma plows up the peninsula, but here’s an article I’ve shared before – We’re the Only Plane in the Sky

As I prepare this post (on Sunday), we’re awaiting Hurricane Irma’s arrival later today. I’m setting this to post automatically in the event we lose power.

I’m sure it won’t be for many, but Happy Monday to the rest of you!



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