random thoughts

~ Parents, people do not think your child is cute when you give them the mini-shopping cart at Publix and let them wreak havoc down the aisles. Please keep an eye on them and the other shoppers around you.

~ If you’re trying to sell someone essential oils, skincare, etc., and they say no, please just respect that and don’t continue to email/text/DM. I know that the motivational speakers at your conferences tell you otherwise, but it really just puts people – often your friends – in a very uncomfortable position. Some of us don’t like saying “PLEASE DON’T EVER ASK ME THAT AGAIN!”

~ Spring has sprung here, and the dogwood trees in snow white bloom remain my favorite.

~ The canopy roads in these parts are spectacularly green:


~ Roses are blooming in Thomasville, the City of Roses:


~ I’ve got 5 knitting projects in various stages of completion, and I have 4 books in progress. It’s time to power through some of these and move on.

~ By the time this post appears, I’ll likely have finished Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line, and it’s really good. I love reading about people who pursue a vocation with excellence, and this one fits the bill.

Happy Thursday y’all,


3 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. Amen to children with mini-shopping carts! The grocery store is a workplace, so-to-speak, not an amusement park. And, yes again to continual “badgering” to buy products. I’m glad I’ve not had much of a problem with that, but one time is one time too many. Thanks for the applause for Sous Chef . . . I’ve had it on my iPOD for a while but haven’t listened to it yet. Now I will! I, too, enjoy reading about others’ vocations. I’m waiting for the audio to become available for The Long Haul: A Trucker’s Tales of Life on the Road (Murphy) after hearing an interview with the author. At least in these types of books, we can vicariously experience / understand the career without really doing it! Love your Random Thoughts!

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