monday miscellany

another collection of links:

~ Admit it, Dems: Hillary could strangle a live puppy on live tv and you’d still back her.

~ Now this is disturbing: Tennessee is the capital of American Jihad

~ Secrets in Obama’s Iran deal. Is anyone really surprised by this?

~ How reading can transform your health.

~ The Planned Parenthood videos are stomach-churning. I’ve read lots of good commentary on them but this is one of the best: Victims and Perpetrators. Here’s a peek:

The first thing that jumps out at me is that this entire horror show is run by women. It’s startling actually. The abortion doctors, the nurses, the baby-part-wholesalers, the corporate bureaucracy, and obviously every mother who turns up at a Planned Parenthood chop shop to have her own baby executed and sold for parts. Clearly, the entire situation is built on the premise of men’s sin . . . but the fact remains that this grisly, depraved, monstrous assault on human dignity is being conducted by women. I’ve seen a lot of “this is a war on women” and “women betrayed” kind of language lately . . . and it’s completely true. But the thing I continue to find odd is that it’s a war on women which is being conducted by women. Everyone (rightly) keeps noticing parallels between America’s abortion mills and Nazi Germany, but I think there’s another similarity besides the gruesome nature of the problem and the massive body count.

~ Then again, most Americans are in the dark about Planned Parenthood videos. But just about everyone knows who Caitlyn Jenner is and that Ben Affleck was having an affair with his nanny. Maybe America deserves a President Donald Trump.

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monday miscellany

Another round-up of links that make me think:

~ Read the Bible to your anxiety.

~ I’m feeling quite world weary these days. Everything, and I mean everything is politicized. Doug Wilson articulates this well:

…it is unseemly to politicize these horrors when the families are still weeping. Whether the issue is gun control or something else, whenever a hard sell comes in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy, the only thing it makes me want to do is wonder at how boorish some people can be. If this the case when the political issue is arguably connected, as with gun control, how much more is it the case when it is so obliquely related? Did the alleged shooter even know about the [Confederate] flag? Boorish behavior can be exhibited by either side. If one man starts a roaring debate in favor of gun control the same day of the shooting, the situation is not improved if an advocate of open carry does the same thing the next day. The families involved, who include godly Christian people calling for repentance and a turn to Christ, ought not to be distracted by apparatchiks trying to make some political hay out of their grief.

~ Just start.

~ A Whole30 success story.

~ I recently made this crispy baked okra, and it was soooo good.

~ If you use Chrome as your browser, you may want to reconsider.

Well, that’s 3 days in a row of blogging.  And I pulled my camera out of the cabinet. Baby steps. 🙂

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“On the other hand…”

stillbesthopeFrom Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph by Dennis Prager:

The Left, as repeatedly shown here, wishes to control as much of people’s lives as possible. There are, however, two noteworthy exceptions — abortion and sex. In these two areas of human conduct the Left wants people to be left alone.

With regard to abortion, the Leftist view is that the human fetus has no rights at any point in its development. The mother has complete freedom to destroy it at any time for any reason. Not only does the Left oppose any legal bans on abortion, but pro-choice activists will not even morally condemn any abortion. If an affluent and married woman wishes to abort because she does not want another child, that is not morally wrong. If a woman wishes to abort one fetus of two she is carrying because she wants only one more child, that is not morally wrong. If a woman wants a boy and aborts a female fetus, that is not morally wrong.

For the Left, aborting human fetuses at any time for any reason is an absolute right over which society should have no authority. On the other hand, in almost every other area of life, as documented above, the Left seeks more and more governmental authority over the individual.