random thoughts

~If you use social media primarily to complain about social media, you might be doing it wrong.

~ I’m thankful to live in a town where church bells ring out on the hour. A walk from my office to my car can be a mini worship service when “Holy, Holy, Holy” rings out on a clear, sunny day.

~ I love, love, love chocolate, but there’s something especially satisfying about a cold, crisp, sweet-as-candy apple.

~ I’m really into Sharpie fine point pens* these days — so much so that I’m using them to underline and make notes in my books instead of my trusty mechanical pencil. The colors make me happy. 🙂 And they really don’t bleed through paper.

~ Random thoughts & random photos!





~ That’s my mom — my best CAbi customer and cheerleader and a huge support to me (she’s not huge, but her support is!).

~ It’s my daily habit to listen to Dennis Prager podcasts while I get ready for work, and he always makes me think about a wide variety of subjects. This morning I’m listening to him talk with Elaine Bennett about the importance of a father (or at least another good, strong, loving male) in a girl’s life. THANK YOU, LORD, for my father!

Gotta run now to take on this long Friday.
Have a wonderful day!

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Today is a rainy day, and I’m glad that I’d made no plans to leave home. Instead, I’m playing catch up on cleaning and office work. I’m getting ready for CAbi’s Spring Collection, and I’ve got some organization related to that.

So it’s a day for lots of coffee, leftover spaghetti, listening to Dennis Prager podcasts, and hopefully catching up on the latest episodes of Justified, Parenthood, and Downton Abbey (I couldn’t stay up for the end of that premier Sunday night).

Just a plain old Saturday to be at home. I’m so thankful!!!

Happy Saturday to you,


saturday: SEC champs edition

Another great-to-be-an-Auburn-Tiger Saturday!

This morning I pitched in at my church’s workday and did some yard work. I haven’t done that kind of work in about four years, and I actually miss what used to be a mental health activity for me. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow, though.

This afternoon I headed over to my parents’ house to watch the SEC Championship game and decorate the Christmas tree. My mom broke her foot pretty badly earlier this week, and she’s not allowed to put any weight on it. That means she can’t do her normal Christmas preparations. I was happy to help, and I even got to snuggle during the game with the cutest Auburn cheerleader ever:


Not that I’m superstitious (I’m just a little stitious. And a big high five to you if you got that Michael Scott reference.), but I wore the exact same shirt and jeans (both CAbi, of course) that I wore for the Georgia game and the Alabama game.

Well, lo and behold, WE WON! People continue to say that Auburn is lucky. Listen, luck doesn’t get you 12 wins, 11 of which were against bowl-eligible opponents, and included beating teams ranked #1 and #5 at the time we beat them. Auburn is well-coached, and they’re just plain playing some good football, running like crazy. I love it. And now I have to stay up late to see who is gonna win this crazy Ohio State/Michigan St. game.

I hope your Saturday has been a good one, too.

War Eagle, y’all,