in which i get political

I’ve always enjoyed politics, and it used to be the topic of many of my posts at my old, now defunct, blog. I’ve often thought I should have studied political science and done something with my interest. But I have to say that I am currently utterly, completely, and thoroughly disgusted with the political climate in the United States of America, and that’s why I don’t bring it up in this space often, other than the occasional link that makes me think. Too much of American life is politicized — you can’t even watch a sporting event on ESPN or a Hollywood awards show without being subjected to political commentary. My Facebook timeline is filled with links and commentary (often angry) all day long. No one is shy about venturing an opinion. Mine follows this paragraph, but don’t worry — this will not be a regular thing around here (is anything regular around here, you might ask? 😉 )

Dennis Prager often says that he’s a member of the stupid party (Republican), and as I lifelong Republican, I totally agree. They have squandered opportunity after opportunity, and the fruit of that is upon us. And while I understand the anger of Trump fans (fanatics?), I think it’s shortsighted and destructive. It’s easy to burn it all down, and much, much harder to build something good in its place. [Note: I wrote this paragraph before Trump was the presumptive Republican nominee, but I still believe what I wrote then.]

The destruction of the Republican party is here, and that may not be a bad thing. But I’m so discouraged because I cannot, under any circumstances, be a Democrat. I’m also not a Libertarian. Where does that leave me?

I know that many Republicans say that anyone who doesn’t cast a vote for Trump is really voting for Hillary. I’m not persuaded by that argument. If Hillary wins (and I think she probably will), I blame everyone who voted for Donald Trump in the primaries. They’re the ones who put us in this predicament. We actually had more than a couple decent choices, and we’re stuck with him.

I’ve read articles pro and con regarding voting for Donald Trump (some theological, some pragmatic), and I’ve listened to people I very much respect differ on him. I’ve heard the “lesser of two evils” argument ad nauseum, and I’ve read the arguments of the #NeverTrump crowd.

I totally understand those who will hold their noses and cast a vote for Trump in November. (That may well be me, as well.)  What really has me baffled (and icked out) are the folks who were not pro-Trump during the primaries but who are all rah-rah now and defend his every outrageous, undisciplined, foolish comment.

I’m now in a position that’s very new for me: undecided. There are still many days and news cycles between now and Election Day, and at this moment I don’t know whom I will choose. I’m 100% certain that I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. But I’m not 100% sure I’ll vote for Donald Trump.

So that’s where I am politically these days. And that’s also why I’ve been reading more for pleasure lately. 🙂







a few things

~ Months ago I lost a favorite earring – one of a pair I bought in Hong Kong over fifteen years ago. They were my go-to silver loops. I almost tossed the remaining one recently, but last night I found its mate in a tote bag I haven’t used in ages. Hurray!

~ I’m a Florida voter, and although our primary is on March 15th, I voted early today:


I’ll share more of my election thoughts soon, but for now I’ll just let you know that I voted for Marco Rubio.

~ It looks like our house hunt is finally over. We just have to wait for the builders to finish it. Meanwhile, I’m purging like crazy. I only want to put what we need and enjoy into our new home.

~ I recently cast on a new knitting project – Ridged Wrap. Here’s what the finished project should look like, and I chose yarn in a shade very close to that pictured:


~ Just like I have multiple books in progress, I have many knitting projects in various states of completion. Tonight I’m going to cast on for a gift for my granddaughter who is due to arrive this summer.

I hope your week is going well,


monday miscellany

cottonA few links I’ve collected here and there:

~ One of my favorite John Newton hymns

~ Don’t mess with Tama Starr: The Ugly art of Trump’s deals

~ Tim Challies’ 2016 Reading Challenge update

~ A Plea to the Mission Minded

~ Deep-frying vegetables make them more nutritious.

~ The most important ingredient to improve your marriage

Happy Monday, y’all!




a brief vocabulary lesson

Sometimes I simply can’t help it; the teacher in me cannot be suppressed. I think some people (actually, probably not my readers) need a little vocabulary refresher:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.10.12 AM

That’s a decent definition of the word hate. Please note that hate is not synonymous with disagreement.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.24.08 AM

I am beyond tired of hearing people throw the word hate around without using it correctly. If I disagree with you or your ideas, it does not necessarily mean that I hate you or your ideas. Yes, there are some truly bad, disgusting, even evil ideas out there.

And when someone comes along and points that out, they may just be pointing that out without hating on you.

(I wrote a little about hatred here a couple of years ago.)

Edited to add: Will is on the same wavelength.

Lesson (rant?) over. Carry on.


what’s going on

The blog has been quiet for several reasons these days:

~ I was away all week for work, adding Indiana to the states-I’ve-visited list. Here’s a sunrise in Muncie:


~ I’ve been doing the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything” thing. I’ve been discouraged by politics and Auburn football and current events and have tried to avoid ranting about ungrateful, cowardly, spoiled college students.

~ Much of my downtime has been spent knitting or surfing Ravelry. I’ve got four works-in-progress at the moment. Here’s one of them:


~ Even though I compose blog posts in my head on my commute or in the shower or as I toss and turn at 2 a.m., I haven’t felt like sitting down to my laptop and actually typing them up. Just call me lazy.

~ I indulged in some Netflix binging on Call the Midwife recently. Now I’m all caught up. Any recommendations for another series I can watch while knitting?

I hope to get back in the blogging groove, but I’m not making any promises. Thanks for sticking around.


monday miscellany

An abbreviated collection of links:

~ I love historical fiction, so A Week in the Life of A Roman Centurion is going on my wish list.

~ 3 documentaries I’d like to watch: Culinary Cinema. (I actually started watching Chef’s Table this weekend.)

~ Why intellectuals hate capitalism. You’ll probably be surprised when you find out who is making that claim.

~ If you’re looking for a good Bible study book, I recently finished Let’s Study Ephesians by Sinclair B. Ferguson and can recommend it. Next up is Kathleen Nielson’s Psalms study – Volume 2.

~ An introverted Christian.

That’s it for today. Happy Monday!


random thoughts

~ I’m very rarely bored, and it’s hard for me to understand those who frequently say they are. (I bite my tongue to avoid quoting my grandmother: “If you’re bored, you’re boring.”) But lately I find myself quite bored (maybe uninterested is a better word) with certain topics (celebrities who cheat on their wives with younger women — yawn, how unoriginal!) and with politics (we’ve got to put up with this stuff until November 2017???).

~ I’ve been knitting again — just an easy knit one/purl one scarf — and I’m enjoying it. I need to get some Christmas projects planned and started soon.

~ Yes, Christmas! It will be here before we know it.

~ We’re less than a month away from the kickoff of Auburn University football!


~ I’ve been trying out Audible during my commute. Honestly, I struggle to pay attention when I listen to a book. When I read one, however, I can tune everything else out. So I thought a Michael Connelly thriller might keep my attention, and so far, so good.

~ I recently finished reading Dennis Prager’s Happiness Is A Serious Problem, and I’ve been sharing quotes here and there. Here’s another one:

If you value growth, you will value virtually every situation because there are very few situations from which you cannot learn and therefore grow.

Lots of opportunities for growth and learning around here!

Happy Thursday!

monday miscellany

another collection of links:

~ Admit it, Dems: Hillary could strangle a live puppy on live tv and you’d still back her.

~ Now this is disturbing: Tennessee is the capital of American Jihad

~ Secrets in Obama’s Iran deal. Is anyone really surprised by this?

~ How reading can transform your health.

~ The Planned Parenthood videos are stomach-churning. I’ve read lots of good commentary on them but this is one of the best: Victims and Perpetrators. Here’s a peek:

The first thing that jumps out at me is that this entire horror show is run by women. It’s startling actually. The abortion doctors, the nurses, the baby-part-wholesalers, the corporate bureaucracy, and obviously every mother who turns up at a Planned Parenthood chop shop to have her own baby executed and sold for parts. Clearly, the entire situation is built on the premise of men’s sin . . . but the fact remains that this grisly, depraved, monstrous assault on human dignity is being conducted by women. I’ve seen a lot of “this is a war on women” and “women betrayed” kind of language lately . . . and it’s completely true. But the thing I continue to find odd is that it’s a war on women which is being conducted by women. Everyone (rightly) keeps noticing parallels between America’s abortion mills and Nazi Germany, but I think there’s another similarity besides the gruesome nature of the problem and the massive body count.

~ Then again, most Americans are in the dark about Planned Parenthood videos. But just about everyone knows who Caitlyn Jenner is and that Ben Affleck was having an affair with his nanny. Maybe America deserves a President Donald Trump.

Happy Monday from Debbie Downer!



monday miscellany

In which I clean out my bookmarks:

~ There is no treasure with worry.

~ I know the newly published Harper Lee novel is all the rage these days, but I don’t want to read it. First, I’m skeptical about its provenance, and I can’t shake that feeling (the Onion sounds all too plausible here.). Second, I don’t want it to overshadow or spoil the greatness that is To Kill A Mockingbird. Third, I have this automatic reaction against whatever is all the rage — whatever someone tells me I just must read ________. Phil at Brandywine Books made me chuckle with his  list of newly discovered literary sequels.

~ Mainstream media is more than just maddening. They’re just plain boring with their determination to see the world a certain way, along with intellectual laziness. See Exhibit A: Andrea Mitchell.

~ 22-year-old college student blows her $90,000 college fund and blames her parents.  Sigh.

~ Here’s a new (to me, at least) concept: Sugar Baby Schools. In a nutshell, young women connect online with men who are willing to pay for their tuition, among other expenses:

The website, describing itself as the “No. 1 sugar daddy site for those seeking mutually beneficial arrangements,” says a “modern daddy” is “a successful and generous man who is willing to pamper and offer financial help or gifts to a young person in return for friendship and companionship.”

The website describes a “goal seeking sugar baby,” as a girl who “know(s) you deserve to date someone who will pamper you, empower you, and help you mentally, emotionally and financially.”

What’s missing at the end of that last sentence is:  FOR MONEY.  You know, there’s a word for that arrangement.

~ “Rome is on the verge of collapse.”  That really makes me sad.

~ How your iPhone replaces $3000 of tech stuff from the 1990s.

~ Ineptocracy. Indeed.

That’s it for now. Happy Monday!