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I’m so behind on this whole blogging thing these days. Any spare time is used for knitting. At the moment I have some quiet, uninterrupted time but my knitting project is upstairs, and I’m too lazy and comfortable under this warm blanket to go get it. So blogging it is:

A few weekends ago, Paul and I headed up to North Carolina to spend the weekend with my parents at their mountain cabin. Because it’s such a long trip, we both took Friday off and left after work on Thursday. We enjoy road trips together, but it was a late night and we were both pretty tired when we arrived at midnight.

The next morning we rode over to Blue Ridge, Georgia, in a pretty dense fog. We had a big breakfast at Mercier’s Orchards, and let me tell you, there are some folks out there who are pretty crazy about apples. Seriously, it was an apple frenzy. The place was full of senior citizens who clearly thought that was their last chance on earth for a good apple.


They were dropped off by the busload, and there was no stopping them. We browsed as best we could, and I was pretty relieved when we got out of there. The fog had lifted by then:


The next stop was downtown Blue Ridge where Mom and I stopped in several shops while Dad and Paul found comfortable places to sit and wait on us.




After a tasty lunch, we went back to the cabin for some down time. You guessed it: I used that time to knit.


That night Caroline and her boyfriend met us for supper and then stayed the night at the cabin with us. We had the most relaxing Saturday eating lunch downtown, visiting a little farmers market, watching football, and hanging out.

caro and charlie




paul porch

caro and charlie 2

On Sunday it was time to head south again, and we stopped in Atlanta to visit IKEA. It felt like I was back in Europe, but this time I didn’t have to do the Euro/dollar conversion. We took our time in the maze there, and then had a yummy lunch at a nearby Yard House. It was bright and clear on the drive home. Paul drove, I snoozed for a little while and then woke to knit.

What a fun weekend it was! Beautiful weather, a taste of fall, family, a comfortable cabin, football, good food…. I’m so thankful for all of it.

Happy fall, y’all!


Today has been a day to take dominion over our house and get some things done. Paul has his house in Tallahassee until the end of the month, and he hasn’t completely moved out yet. So today we got a late start to our day, and then he headed there to load up his truck and run some errands.  I cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned some more. I did laundry and ironed a mountain of clothes. Optimistically, I bought some mums for the front porch in hopes that fall will soon come. I also stopped by the grocery store, and then swung through the Sonic drive-thru for a big drink with yummy ice. I Face-timed with a faraway friend, too.




Now the table is set for supper with my husband. We’re having prime rib, mashed potatoes, and a Greek salad. The prime rib is leftover from my son’s rehearsal dinner. It’s been in the freezer, and I’m trying to clean out and use up some freezer and pantry items.

Oh, and we’ll watch some football. 🙂

I hope you’ve had a good Saturday, too.




A few links that have caught my eye recently:

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~ Do your thing.

That’s it for this Friday. Enjoy your weekend!

monday miscellany

I’ve been busier than usual lately and not able to read as much, but a few things around the interwebs have caught my eye and made me think:

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Happy Monday, y’all!