1,000 post! ***a giveaway and gratitude ***

Good morning & Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m starting today in my favorite way — coffee and reading in bed. Gratitude comes quite easily in these circumstances!


It’s also my 1,000 post here at georgianne! I didn’t realize that until I hit post on my last entry, so I’ve held off writing more until I could celebrate by giving something away to you faithful folks who have stuck around. Some of you have followed me from blog to blog and have offered me encouragement and prayed for me through some dark times. I’m thankful for you! I’m also thankful for you lurkers and hope that you’ll pipe up and enter this giveaway.  Feel free to share it with others, too, because I’d love to get this blog thing going again, and new readers would be fun.

***Here’s the deal:  I’m giving away a 30 Days of Hymns Perpetual Desk Calendar by littlethingsstudio. I have one on my desk at work, and I love it. Hymns have always been a source of comfort and rich meditation for me, and I’m grateful that I grew up in a church where I learned so many. This little calendar is a good daily reminder of truths that are always timely. It’s pretty, too! 🙂


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post. If you’re reading this on Facebook, you’ll need to click through to the actual blog post for your comment to be counted. (If you’ve never commented here before, your post may be held for moderation. So don’t panic if it doesn’t show up right away.) If you share this on Facebook or Twitter or one of the many other social media sites that I haven’t figured out yet and probably never will, let me know and you’ll receive an extra entry for each share. U.S. mailing addresses only, please. I’ll close the comments on December 1st at 8 pm ET. ***

So that’s the giveaway; now for the gratitude. I’m deeply thankful for so much. God has blessed me with blessings too numerous to count. Thank you, Father, for saving my soul and giving me eyes to see. Thank you for my sweet husband who encourages me daily to see all of those blessings. Thank you for my children, for my family, for health, and a good job, friends, freedom, clean water, plentiful food, all of my material blessings, that I live in this time and place in history, books to read, yarn to knit, and on and on and on.

I think of this quote from historian and author David McCullough often, but especially on Thanksgiving and when politics and current events bring me down:

And so many of the blessings and advantages we have, so many of the reasons why our civilization, our culture, has flourished aren’t understood; they’re not appreciated. And if you don’t have any appreciation of what people went through to get, to achieve, to build what you are benefiting from, then these things don’t mean very much to you. You just think, well, that’s the way it is. That’s our birthright. That just happened. [But] it didn’t just happen. And at what price? What grief? What disappointment? What suffering went on? I mean this. I think that to be ignorant or indifferent to history isn’t just to be uneducated or stupid. It’s to be rude, ungrateful. And ingratitude is an ugly failing in human beings.

Let’s overflow with gratitude today and beyond.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all,


This week has flown by more swiftly than usual, and I’ve had no time or energy for blogging. (And, truth be told, I’ve vegged out much too late at night catching up on Breaking Bad.) I have no inspiration this morning for a lengthy post, and I’m running out of time before I need to run out of the door. But I did want to remind you about my book giveaway. It’s open until Sunday evening. Leave a comment on that post to enter, and get additional entries by sharing elsewhere on the web. (Just let me know in your comment.)

Happy Friday y’all,

two tips

TIP #1: If you maintain an Amazon wish list like I do, go check on it every now and then. I’ve been doing that lately, and the last two times I’ve scrolled through it, I’ve found books that were on sale at very good prices — or even free! If the price has decreased, Amazon lets you know right there on the wish list.

TIP#2: Click here and enter my book giveaway.

Oh, and just a reminder: Every time you click on an Amazon link here at georgianne and later make a purchase, a few pennies are passed along to me. These eventually add up and feed my book habit. THANKS ever so much!

Happy reading!



trustinggodIt’s time for another giveaway, and if you’ve been hanging around here, you won’t be surprised by the book. I’d love to pass along a copy of Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts. Some of you have already read it, but enter anyway and then pay it forward, as they say.

Just leave a comment below, and to make it fun, share what book *YOU* would give away if you had the chance. If you mention my giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog, just let me know and you’ll have additional entries in the drawing.

I’ll close the giveaway on Friday night (March 22nd) at 10 pm EST.

Looking forward to hearing from you!