“If someone else was delivering your lines, would you like them?” (A giveaway!)

As I mentioned last month, I’d like to make these giveaways a regular thing around here, so here goes:

This month I’m giving away one of my favorites from last year. I know that many of you have read it, but feel free to enter anyway, and if you win, pass it along to someone who hasn’t.

notesJust to give you a peek at why I loved N.D. Wilson’s Notes From the Tilt-a-Whirl, here’s one of the many passages I marked in my copy:

We are always on stage. We are always in a novel, and even when no other characters are around, the art continues. The Triune audience watches. You have been given your body. You have been given your ancestors, your natural strengths and your natural weaknesses. The backstory is all in place. You have been drawn, described, and placed on a stage unlike any other — the Globe. And you have been given your freedom to act. Your story has begun already. It began when that lucky, eager sperm stood on the winner’s platform and listened to its national anthem. One tail flick slower and you would be someone else. You would be named Theresa now and you wouldn’t be you. Theresa would have been better at this whole life thing. Would have been more beautiful. Good at the piano. Loved by all who knew her.

Or not. Apparently you were worth bringing onto this stage. But why? Are you an extra in somebody else’s scene? Are you here as a casualty? A comic throwaway? The girl who drops her top and starts the horror film? Are you here to fall in love by chance, be given a beautiful life, and then burn it all to hell in five short minutes at a Motel 6? Are you a cautionary tale?

We are all watching. We are all watched.

To some people, this could seem glamorous. The whole idea of being in a novel or film or reality show is quite appealing.

We know what kind of people they are. We can see the shallowness, the superficiality of their self-love. But for some reason, they can’t. For some reason, none of us can when we are set on making asses of ourselves. Listen to your dialogue. Look at your thoughts. Be horrified. Be grateful that God loves characters, and loves characters on journeys, characters honestly striving to grow. If someone else was delivering your lines, would you like them? If someone else was wearing your attitude, would you be impressed?

It’s difficult to describe this book. You just need to read it. And I highly recommend the DVD, too.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway: Leave a comment below sharing your favorite book from 2012. And if you pass along news of this giveaway on your own blog, Facebook, or Twitter, let me know and you’ll get an entry for each of those. I’ll close the giveaway on Friday, February 8th, at 10:00 pm EST.

and the winner is….


My mom drew the winner for my giveaway of Tim Keller’s The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness. Congratulations, Jonathan! I’ll be emailing you to get your mailing address, and I’ll put it in the mail this next week.

I hope to make these giveaways fairly regular around here, so as they say, stay tuned. 🙂

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