Ahhh, the first Saturday of a new year! It’s a dreary, trying-to-rain kind of day — perfect for staying at home and getting some chores done.


We started off the morning with a delicious breakfast downtown and then drove around a little bit before making a Walmart run. The store was uncharacteristically quiet and calm, and our shopping was easy. I didn’t even have the urge to hurt someone!


At home I got some ribs started in the slow cooker while Paul worked on cars with his son and a friend. Then I thoroughly cleaned our upstairs, organizing closets, and making a big pile of stuff to take to the consignment store. The washer and dryer worked the whole time. I found all kinds of old pictures, and if you’re a Facebook friend, you’ve probably seen them.

Oh, and while I was running errands, I saw a car full of sad football fans:


Now I’m happily parked on the sofa, trying to decide if I want to read or knit.

It’s a good day, y’all.


“Unraveling can be a blessing.”

UnknownFrom Clara Parkes’ The Yarn Whisperer:

Things, too, come unraveled. Hems, marriages, businesses, economies, and entire nations alike have met equally dramatic demises. There’s not much positive imagery associated with the word unravel. Look it up in the dictionary, and you’ll see definitions like “to come undone” or “to fail.”…

Coming unraveled may connote losing it, but sometimes it’s best to acknowledge with quite a level head that something you thought was right isn’t, that you need to undo as best you can and rebuild. In life, you can’t start from scratch as a baby and relive your days differently. But in knitting — most knitting anyway — you can. If you’re patient, you can pull your yarn out of whatever mess you may have gotten it into. You can hit “rewind,” literally rewinding the yarn back to its beginning…

…Therein lies the mystery of unraveling. Dig a little deeper in the dictionary, and you’ll notice that unravel also means to loosen, to disentangle, or to solve, as when Miss Marple unraveled the mystery of the body in the library. We may be physically undoing one thing, but we’re solving something bigger. We’re untangling a problem, loosening a situation that may have become too tight, too restrictive to our creativity. It’s not all bad; in fact quite the opposite. Unraveling can be a blessing.

As we’re doing all that hard work, we’re also wiping the slate clean, resetting the odometer. We’re another day older and wiser, with a ball of slightly kinked but perfectly good yarn to show for it. If we’re lucky, we have a greater sense of perspective on what got us into this mess in the first place and how we can avoid it next time.


new year’s eve

I’m not sure how it’s possible for 2014 to be drawing to a close already, but I suppose my amazement at how quickly time is passing is a sure sign that I’m getting older. It seems like just a couple of months ago, I reviewed 2013 and wondered what 2014 would have in store.

Truly, with the exception of 2012 and its sorrowful surprises, 2014 has shocked the heck out of me more than any other. This time last year, I would never have predicted that I’d be ending 2014 with a wonderful husband. Our family has grown this year as we added a daughter-in-law, but as 2014 began, that was already on the calendar. A new husband and two stepsons were nowhere on my radar.

Apparently, not all surprises are bad ones!

I end 2014 and begin 2015 full of gratitude.

God has surely lavished grace and mercy on me as he brought me a godly, wonderful, patient, kind, tender, and strong husband when I wasn’t even looking. And even though my first marriage ended painfully, God graciously preserved my esteem of the gift of marriage and He is using it as a means of my sanctification. In just a few short months, He has taught me much about selflessness as Paul and I adjust to life together. Marriage is a gift, and marriage to Paul is a particularly precious gift.

As I read my thoughts on 2013 and goals for 2014, I see that I did succeed at slowing down my book-buying habit, but I also read far fewer pages in 2014 — mostly because a new hobby nudged the books out of the way. As you regular readers know, knitting is my new obsession, and I look forward to improving in 2015. But I’m also going to work to get back to the books and return to the 3650 Bible-reading plan. My second 365 photo project has come to an end, and although I won’t do a photo a day in 2015, I have some plans for photography that I’ll share soon. Perhaps I’ll get back into a more regular blogging rhythm, too.

So farewell, 2014. And welcome, 2015.

Happy New Year’s, y’all!



Saturdays are my favorite, and a four-day weekend makes it even better. Lots of good stuff going on: a slow start to the day, hanging out with my husband, son, and daughter-in-law, lunch at Grassroots, a trip to Walmart (usually *not* a good thing, but this time no waiting in line!), cooking, decorating for Christmas, briefly helping Paul with a car repair, helping my mom with knitting, a family dinner on Christmas china, and then football (a good game with a disappointing score.)







I hope your Saturday was a good one!