monday miscellany

cottonA few links I’ve collected here and there:

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~ Don’t mess with Tama Starr: The Ugly art of Trump’s deals

~ Tim Challies’ 2016 Reading Challenge update

~ A Plea to the Mission Minded

~ Deep-frying vegetables make them more nutritious.

~ The most important ingredient to improve your marriage

Happy Monday, y’all!




why i love my husband wednesday

As we all know, December is crazy busy. Paul and I have thrown a potential house purchase into the chaos, and today we had a set back there. It was also another super busy work day, and I was easily annoyed by interruptions. When I heard my phone ding, I grumbled and expected bad news. Instead, I saw this:



Awwww. As I recently told him, if we’re good, it’s all good. It’s all good.

“…the God who made lilies also made rocks.”

[a repost from December 2014]

whatdidyouexpectFrom Paul Tripp’s What Did You Expect?:

Remember, the God who made lilies also made rocks. As creator, God has invested his world with difference; all things are not the same. He has made people widely different from one another. All this reflects his glory. And as sovereign, he chooses to bring different people into intimate relationship with one another for his honor and their good. Unity is not the result of sameness. Rather, unity results when love intersects with difference.

It is self-love that hates difference. It is self-love that makes you impatient. It is self-love that makes you want your own way. It is self-love that convinces you that your way is the right way. It is self-love that makes winning more attractive than unity. Love celebrates who God has made the other person to be. Love celebrates the process of working together to become one. Love celebrates the grace of change that operates in the middle of the difficulty of difference. Love prizes unity and is willing to make sacrifices to achieve it. Love turns difference into an opportunity to experience a deeper and fuller unity. Love isn’t impatient, and it does not walk away. Love perseveres. Love stays active until what God has planned becomes your actual experience. Love listens, works, and waits. Unity happens when love intersects with difference.

all good things must come to an end

Well, we’re back to reality. Or almost. We got back home earlier today, and I’ve been busy unpacking, restocking the fridge, and doing laundry. I’m back on the Whole30 wagon tomorrow, so I boiled eggs, made a big salad, cut up some veggies, and have some chicken marinating.

We return rested and relaxed and grateful for our time away. Paul and I agree that we have fun traveling together and even going to Costco together. We’re grateful.

Here are a few more photos from our time away:

coffee with a nice view



not a cloud in the sky…

umbrella, multiple layers of SPF, hat, sunglasses — it’s hard to be a white girl in the sun.

nice view! 😉


chips & salsa for lunch

last evening on vacation

We stayed on 30A, and enjoyed the scenery and several good meals. Our favorites: The Great Southern Cafe (we liked it better than Bud & Alley’s), The Perfect Pig, and La Cocina Mexican Bar and Grill.



the beach

Paul and I are enjoying a little getaway to celebrate our first anniversary. Yesterday and most of today was dreary with rain and clouds, but the weather began clearing up late this afternoon:







We haven’t minded the non-beachy weather; we’ve done some outlet shopping, watched football (if Auburn doesn’t kill me one day, it’ll be a miracle), gone to a movie, taken naps, and enjoyed some really good meals. Tomorrow the forecast calls for sunshine, so I suppose I’ll spend the day trying to keep from frying my white skin.


why-i-love-my-husband wednesday

cleaningPaul appreciates a tidy house just as much as I do, but he understands that because I work full-time, it’s hard for me to get everything done. So he pitches in, and we clean together.  In just an hour or so, we can knock out a lot of it. He likes to make sure the ceiling fans are clean, and he even thinks about dusting picture frames and baseboards. He does a great job cleaning the bathrooms. I dust, vacuum, replenish towels and other bathroom supplies, and take care of the laundry.

We make a good team.

It may seem like a small thing to some, but it’s huge to me.



one year

DSC_0082The older I get, it seems that time moves by so much more rapidly. It’s a cliché, I know, but I really can’t believe that Paul and I have already been married for a year. It’s been a year of many adjustments, but I can truly say that it has been a good year. I’m married to a good man, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to God for providing for me so abundantly. May this be the first of many anniversaries with this man I love.

(Oh, and today is an Anne Day! 🙂 )



why-i-love-my-husband wednesday

(After posting about some of the reasons I love Paul two Wednesdays in a row, I’ve decided to make it a regular–or as regular as things get in these parts–thing.)

He often says, “Why don’t you let me take you out to dinner?” In fact, he said it tonight. I appreciate that for several reasons. One, it’s a relief to get out of cooking after a long day at work. Two, it makes me feel special, like we’re on a date. Three, I just plain enjoy spending time with him, chatting over dinner. Four, no dishes.

My answer is always “yes!” 🙂


just another reason i love my husband…

He prays about everything and encourages me to do the same. It’s something he learned from his mother (I really wish I could have met her!). From a text exchange today:

…There’s a lot in our lives (and there always will be as long as we’re on this earth), but I know that prayer is the answer to it all and want us to always be praying for each other and all else.

I just realized that I posted about Paul last Wednesday. This may be a regular thing — Why I Love My Husband Wednesday. 🙂

just one of the reasons…

…that I love my husband:

He always reminds me that we’re on the journey NOW. We’re not waiting for our lives to settle down. THIS is our life, and we’re together, and we’re grateful. As he recently wrote to me in an email:

I’m not waiting for a time that you and I arrive at the ultimate peace and love in our lives, I’m enjoying it each day.

God knew just what I needed in a husband. I’m glad to travel up and down life’s hills and valleys with him holding my hand.