monday miscellany

From here and there:

~ The opioid crisis is creating a labor crisis

~ When knitting was a patriotic duty

~ cool gauge rings

~ The enemies and friends of the humanities:

Yes, the influence of Marcuse, Derrida, and Foucault has been disastrous. In the hands of American followers, their ideas have, indeed, undermined the Western tradition and the Great Books. If tradition is, respectively, an ideological construct, a mystification, or an exclusionary institution, the disciples reasoned, then why respect it?

What these exceptions prove is this: You can critique, dismantle, and subvert the canon, but you still have to learn it.

~ Why some men don’t work

~ Six things you can do to grow your marriage

~ Grilled chicken and lemon orzo salad

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monday miscellany

From ’round the sphere:

~ Angered at and angry with:

It’s when I’m sinned against in anger that I am most likely to sin in anger.It’s when I’m angered at that I tend to get angry with. And it’s right then that a soft answer might just turn away wrath. It might just turn it away from that other person and it would certainly turn it away from me.

It’s easy enough to provide a soft answer to a soft question. It takes little wisdom and little godliness to do that. But it’s a great challenge to provide a soft answer to a harsh question. It’s a greater challenge still to answer gently when rebuked savagely. It takes unusual wisdom and godliness to resist the temptation to snap, to retaliate, to answer in kind.

~ 7 signs you’re way too busy

~ a podcast playlist – A couple of these are already in my rotation, but there are some new-to-me ones to try.

~ When did Solomon write Proverbs 5-7 (the warnings against adultery):

Yet I am increasingly convinced that Solomon was actually younger or middle aged when he wrote Proverbs 5-7. Given Solomon demise later in life this is absolutely shocking and serves as fitting warning to us. What all of this means is that Solomon—much like many of us—thought he was an exception to the rules. He knew full well that he was holding fire to his chest, but he thought he wouldn’t have gotten burned.

~ If you’re a knitter, you might find this handy: Watch youtube in slow motion

I often go to the internet when I need to know how to do a particular knit stitch, and it’s frustrating when the tutorial moves so quickly that you can’t see each motion that makes up the stitch. I lamented this to Paul, and he quickly found a solution. I just enter the url of the video I’m watching here, and voila! It slows things down enough for me to catch on.

~ Picnic in a glass 

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monday miscellany

From around the web:

~ Interest span vs. attention span

There’s nothing wrong with our attention spans, he said (and I’m paraphrasing here). We are perfectly able to pay attention to what we want to—do you think you can binge a Netflix series in a weekend if you can’t pay attention?

It’s not our attention span that causes us to zone out when we’re bored; it’s our interest span. We don’t lose focus when we care about what we’re watching, or reading, or listening to. And, interestingly, the thing that’s most likely to hook us, to get us to care, is empathy.

~ The heart of middle school meanness

~ It feels like America is descending into chaos.

~ I don’t want a celebration of life; I want a burial service.

~ The ten themes of Proverbs

~ Trump Administration to Teachers: You must use a transgender student’s “preferred pronouns”:

What this means is that students and teachers who refuse to use “preferred pronouns” can be investigated for violating a transgender students civil rights. For example, if a transgender girl (i.e., a boy who identifies as female) wants to be referred to as “she” the student would be in violating of a federal law for referring to him as “he.” Similarly, a student who was non-gender conforming may prefer to use pronouns such as “ze” or “they” and it would be considered a violation to refer to them as “he” (if they are biological male) or “she” (if they are a biological female).  (There are also other transgender pronouns such as zie, sie, ey, ve, tey, and e.)

~ I love one pan suppers, and this one looks good: Italian Chicken Sheet Pan Supper

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monday miscellany

A few links that have made me think:

~ You cannot raise snowflakes in Jesus’ name:

Today’s parents often go to ludicrous lengths attempting to remove all risk from their children’s lives and protect them from any negative assessment. There are very real consequences in the child’s life when parents raise their children in this self-referential environment. Children are taught that they have a right not to hear anything they do not agree with, and when they do, they should take it personally. This mollycoddling of our children does not prepare them for life.

~ Now I understand why my mom wouldn’t go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. Many years ago before I married and began keeping my own house, my mom advised me to always tidy up before bed. That became my habit, and to this day I see the value in it.

~ Anxiety: My Thorn in My Flesh

~ Opposite words

~ Speaking of words, the most complicated word in English

Happy Monday, y’all!


monday miscellany: new year edition

From around the web:

~ Don’t believe in yourself:

One of the most dangerous qualities of pride is that it sneaks into places in our hearts where other sins once lived. We begin to conquer some sinful attitude, or habit, or addiction with God’s help, and soon enough we marvel at our own strength, or resolve, or purity, as if we somehow accomplished it on our own. C.S. Lewis writes, “The devil loves ‘curing’ a small fault by giving you a great one” (Mere Christianity, 127). The confidence we feel in ourselves after defeating sin can carry us as far away from God as, or even farther than, the sin we defeated.

If we battle some sins, but welcome pride, we will lose the war. But if we suffocate pride, we will starve every other sin of its oxygen.

~ 5 Ways Daily Bible Reading Impacts Your Life. Here’s one:

The Word of God is like an anchor. Each time you read it, you are putting your anchor in the ground and holding on. It keeps you from drifting. But without daily grabbing on to this anchor, you may be miles away before you realize what happened. This is why frequent study and meditation of the Word of God is crucial.

~ Speaking of daily Bible reading, this is the plan I’m using in 2017.

~ Lord, deliver me from distraction.

~ This year I’m planning to use a combination of the lists in the 2017 MMD Reading Challenge, with an emphasis on reading books I already own.

My New Year has started off well. I’m off work today and still in my pajamas!

Happy New Year & Happy Monday!


monday miscellany

Rainy days and Mondays…make for a short list:

~ I’m glad to see someone talking about this: All sins are equal, and further reflections on the belief that “all sins are equal.”

~ Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeño Dip copycat recipe. I really want to make this but I’m afraid it would set off a binge the likes of which I’ve never seen. That stuff is good, y’all.

~ 25 books to read when you feel like the world is falling apart. I actually don’t feel like the world is falling apart, but it’s an interesting list nonetheless. I’d put at the top Island of the World, my favorite novel. I’m going to read it again in 2017.

~ And last, a little something to think about on this Monday from Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink:

Think about yourself. Does what energizes you—what gets you up in the morning and propels you through the day—come from the inside or from the outside? What about your spouse, your partner, or your children? How about the men and women around you at work? If you’re like most people I’ve talked to, you instantly have a sense into which category someone belongs.

Happy Monday, y’all!