monday miscellany

Ahhhh. It’s a cold Monday morning here (31 degrees!), and I’m in my warm, cozy bed with a cup of coffee. Perfection!

Here are some odds and ends from around the web:

~ The most common trait in great men

~ The risk of having good habits:

But good advice without reference to Christ is like a car missing its engine, a choir its conductor, or a bark its dog. Or—and this is where it matters—a gospel without any sense of salvation or rescue. Worse, it threatens to become a semi-Pelagian heresy in which the Lord Jesus has supplied something to us by way of initial grace, but now it is up to us to make that grace effective by forming good habits.

~ In this life you will grow up:

In this life we will have trouble and our incessant bookmarking of blogs or reading of bestsellers each promising a way to win friends and influence people, or whatever brand they’re selling, will only serve to show us the discrepancy of where we are and what we’ll never be. God has not called us to love the bodies we want to have, but the bodies we do have. He has not called us to desire the marriages we do not have, but to be faithful within the marriage we do have. He has not called us to stock up for the bills we might someday have, but to steward the finances we do have. He has not called us to settle for a 10-step plan to anything, but to abide in Christ as He abides in us.

In this life we will have trouble. No bestseller from a cool Instagram mom or weekend conference with a man who says he’s not your guru—but really, kinda, sorta is—will alleviate the trouble of living in a world groaning for full redemption. When we feel the pangs of the world we live in, instead of running to water that doesn’t satisfy, empty wells, and broken cisterns, drink deep from the Living Water. Then go live in the body you have, with the singleness you have, with the marriage you have, with the kids you have, with the finances you have—faithfully offering all of it back to the one who awaits with perfection for you.

Are you sensing a theme?

~ The cost of surrounding yourself with negative people:

We are responsible to guard ourselves against certain negative influences. But even a brief analysis shows that the Bible’s warnings do not concern people who may put us into “a negative space” or keep us from soaring like eagles, but people determined to lead us into sin. If we do not have the convictions or maturity to stand firm against temptation, we need to avoid situations and even people who may tempt us into sin.

But what Hollis and Osteen and others teach goes far beyond this. They teach that we need to reject and avoid people who cause us to feel negative emotions or think negative thoughts. Why? Because according to the principles of positive thinking, our thoughts are the power that change and shape the world around us. To get ahead in life we need to get rid of anyone who holds us back. I am convinced this principle is abhorrent and will offer three reasons why.

Do read the whole thing.

~ I’m all caught up with Call the Midwife on Netflix, and I just finished reading Jennifer Worth’s memoir. So good, y’all.

~ I’m on standby for granddaughter #2, arriving any day now. I’m loosely packed and am not making any firm plans for anything else while we wait. I can’t wait to meet this new little person and have some Kenna time. Praying friends: please pray that my daughter knows clearly when to go to the hospital, as she is very anxious to — in her words — GET THIS BABY OUT.

~ I’m finally knitting an Andrea Mowry pattern, and now I see what all the fuss has been about. My first Free Your Fade likely won’t be my last, as I’m thoroughly enjoying the knitting and color changes.

~ Thanks to the accountability and structure of another step challenge at work, I’ve been moving more and feeling all the better for it. Turns out the prescription for my sore, aching hip is to get off it.

~ Unless Baby decides to make an appearance today, I’m looking at some walking, reading, and knitting on this day off from work. Yay!

Happy Monday y’all!


monday miscellany

From here and there:

~ John McCain, Prisoner of War: A First-Person Account

~ Reconsidering the Astonishing Literary Legacy of James Michener. Left out were my favorites, Hawaii and The Source.

~ Sunday Church Services Are Not About You. Yes, especially this:

Moving from me to us also impacts how we use sound systems and choose music. When the sound is too loud, individuals in the congregation feel isolated and anonymous. Lower levels let us hear one another, encouraging participation.

~ Auburn football kicks off THIS WEEK, y’all! So let’s go Beyond Bo: Let’s remember a bunch of great Auburn running backs.

~ The problem with falling in love

~ Dream job alert (Thanks Milda!)

Happy Monday y’all!


monday miscellany

A little of this, a little of that:

~ Five lessons learned from counseling those with anxiety. Lots of good stuff here.

~ Why you should live in the Psalms

~ Anyone want to try a week (3 meals for 2) of Hello Fresh for free?  I have some invites, so just let me know in the comments if you want one. Paul & I just enjoyed a free week, and we’ve signed up for more.

~ The 25 best true crime books. True crime podcasts and books interest me because I’m fascinated by human behavior. Why do people do what they do? I haven’t read any of the books on this list, but I own a couple, and others have been on my TBR list for a while now.

~ I finished two books yesterday (My Berlin Kitchen and Better Than Before). I feel like I’m in a bit of a reading rut, and I’m hoping an upcoming beach vacation will help me get out of it. Any recommendations?

Happy Monday y’all!


monday miscellany

From hither and yon:

~ The best makeup you can buy at the drugstore. I concur on the Wet & Wild foundation, although it’s tough to find.

~ I made this cheesecake again recently. And I still love it.

~ Internet trolls in church clothing. Here’s the ouch (part of a list of questions to ask before posting a comment):

  • Am I speaking from a soul satisfied in God or from my discontent?

~ There is much wisdom in this wedding sermon (and so neat – I went to church with Micaiah and her family when we lived in Hawaii!). A peek:

What I am saying is that this marriage, if it is to be successful, must be a marriage of the Book. You must love and respect one another, and you do that by relating to your wife, or to your husband directly. But if you want to check on how you are doing in that relating, you don’t look to them, and you don’t look at the world, and you don’t look into your own heart. Rather, you hold the Word up, and you look at your relationship to your spouse as it is reflected there. The Scriptures are not just a compendium of divine information. The Word is light, it is food, it is conviction, it is a perfect mirror, and it is living wisdom. There is no better way to see the back of your own head.

~ A very sad story of addiction – My broken heart

~ I’m cranking out dishcloths these days because I’ve discovered I like using them better than sponges. I basically use this pattern and knit until 28 stitches before I start decreasing. That is the size I like using best so far.

Happy Monday!


monday miscellany

From here and there:

~ A photographer’s ode to the long leaf pine – slide 15 is from Thomas County, Georgia, where I spend a lot of time. My high school’s (in Thomas County) alma mater begins “Mid the pines there stands an emblem of the noble, true, and right…”

~ Your body is a temple, not an idol

~ Cultivating praise in marriage

~ ‘Mindfulness’: Corporate America’s Strange New Gospel

~ A dose of nature: Doctors prescribe a day in the park for anxiety

~ For you fellow This is Us fans: The head of Jack Pearson’s family

Happy Monday y’all!


monday miscellany

From here and there:

~ Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy shares some thoughts on things left unsaid. (I read This Must Be the Place earlier this month, and it’s soooo good.)

~ Gretchen Rubin on 5 mistakes I continue to make in my marriage.

~ Austin Kleon with 3 quick thoughts about walking. I’ve resumed walking for exercise and mental health, and he’s so right about even seemingly boring places being more interesting when you’re on foot. You just see more.

~ I spent 919 days in a North Korean prison. Woah.

~ Jesus did not say lust is the same as adultery.

Lust and adultery are the same family of sins. But they are different degrees of maturity. Lust is the seed, adultery the weed. Lust is the root, adultery the fruit.

Okay, on that chipper note, I’ll sign off. 🙂

Happy Monday y’all!


monday miscellany

From ’round the web:

~ I loved this interview with Cadence, my knitting guru and friend — on opening a business post 50.

~ Lemon Chicken Breasts from Barefoot Contessa – but I’ll use thighs when I make this.

~ What makes people like (and dislike) their doctors? My favorite doctors are the ones who acknowledge that I’m a person and don’t dismiss me or condescend. These are hard to find, in my experience.

~ An open letter to Ta-Nehisi Coates. This is really good.

~ Who is the subject of your Bible study?

Happy Monday!