I had a rare weekday off yesterday, and it was sunny and warm. I spent about half the day in my pajamas, reading and also getting some work done. After lunch, I got outside in the sunshine and did a few chores:


The front porch was covered in a layer of pollen, so I wiped the chairs and swept. My sinuses will pay the price, I’m sure.


The liriope was shaggy, so it got a rather drastic haircut to prepare for spring. I, on the other hand, am thinking of letting my hair grow this spring…





And now this rocking chair is all ready for me to settle in with a book and a cup of coffee…

Looking forward to spring,


oak & iron

The Big Oak in Thomasville is a sight to behold with an enormous trunk and limbs spreading out over 160 feet. It is held up and together with a variety of cables and braces. There is something about this combination of nature and man’s ingenuity that is intriguing.