random thoughts

~ After getting off track with my Bible reading plan, I’ve returned to the 3650 project. I love that this method of reading through God’s Word isn’t tied to dates, so, really, I’m not behind.

~ The border/immigration mess baffles me. Why in the world are we still bothering with customs in our airports? What’s the point if anyone can just walk into the U.S.?

~ I’m wretched. I complain about cold weather, and now I’m complaining about our hot humid sauna here in southwest Georgia.

~ Seriously, it felt like the World Cup lasted for about 2 years. And I was never the least bit interested.

~ On the other hand, Auburn football kicks off in less than 50 days.

~ I read the lamest observation on a motel sign recently:

No one can give you better advice than yourself.

That’s even worse than the “follow your heart” counsel on Dove chocolate wrappers. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

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~ I’ve got a bit of travel coming up, my last hurrah for the summer. And I’m really excited because I’ll get to see my best friend.

~ This will be the first summer in 5 years that I don’t have to move! I can’t tell you how relieved I am about that.


random thoughts

~ I know that I’m old-fashioned, but I really prefer books without a lot of distracting sidebars and multiple fonts on the same page. I’m going through a book now on the names of God, and the layout inspires a full-blown case of ADD. It reminds me of those Magic School Bus books that my kids had.

~ Here is one of my grammar pet peeves, apparently shared by Walter Williams:


~ If the World Cup isn’t full of coffee, I’m not interested.

~ I drove seven hours on Saturday, and ten minutes before I got home I hit a deer. Good times.

~ I really, really, really want to be near white sand and blue/green water.

~ I have to go to the dermatologist today. My niece helpfully informed me that the reason I need to go is because I’m old.

~ Children should be seen and not heard. (Just kidding. Kind of.) 😉

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Happy Tuesday to y’all,

random thoughts

~ Fresh flowers make me happy.

~ I’ve been really happy lately. 🙂

~ After a cold, rainy spring, I think the hot weather is probably here to stay for a while. For this I am grateful. (Feel free to smack me when I start complaining about the heat.)

~ I’ve starting making pimento cheese at home, and I think it’s going to be a staple in my refrigerator this summer.

~ What would I do without sticky notes??

~ random thoughts, random photos (from Roma):




~ A random peeve: drivers who turn sooooo slooooowwwwwly.

~ I may have mentioned it before, but it’s extremely difficult to cut back on carbs when your town smells like freshly baked bread and honey buns!

~ I’m re-watching two of my favorite television series: Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. I love the character development in both.

~ I’m itching to travel again.


Happy Wednesday!


random thoughts

~ I know I’ve shared this thought before, but still I really wonder why someone who clearly has nothing but contempt for me would check in on my blog regularly. Life is too short! Move on! 🙂

~ I’ve had to turn my heat back on the past couple of days. Hellllooooo, it’s mid-April. 80 degrees, please.

~ Lately, I think I could eat sushi every single night.

~ True confession: Every morning I’m very careful to turn down my music before I pull into the parking lot at work.

~ random photos:


Cherokee Lake


in downtown Thomasville


underneath a sculpture by the river in Chattanooga

~ I recently won the March Madness NCAA bracket challenge at work. It cracks me up because I neither care anything about nor know anything about basketball. And it goes to show that it’s all luck. Somehow I managed to pick 3 of the Final 4. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket…

~ I’m really thankful for my job and for the people I work with.

~ I’m also thankful for a day off work today.

~ 22 years ago, on Good Friday, I became a mom.


Happy Friday,


random thoughts

~ You know what I’m surprised by? Kindness. It makes me cry. Seriously. When someone shows me a kindness, tears spring to my eyes. Which probably freaks them out…

~ You know what I’m so weary of? Jerks. We have a surplus.

~ You know what I love?

  • honesty
  • dark chocolate
  • wise counsel
  • the crushed ice at work

~ You know what I don’t love?

  • the way the guys who do the lawn where I live blow the clippings, mulch, etc. toward my front door.
  • pollen
  • papercuts
  • narcissism

~ photo-3I was surprised to find out via my desk calendar on Monday that we should be observing Benito Juarez‘s birthday. I was surprised because I don’t know who the heck he is/was! And, now, after having googled him, I still don’t know why he appeared on my calendar. So there. I’ve observed his birthday. I hope he’s happy.

~ It was sunny yesterday! And not freezing!

~ I miss Hawaii. I miss my friends there, and I miss the ocean.

Truly thanking God that it’s Friday,


random thoughts

~ I like mint and I love lamb, but I do not like them together.

~ I don’t understand why people post photos of wounds on Facebook. Ewwwww. Some of us are eating while we scroll the newsfeed.

~ Made a yummy mocha recently with my Keurig: a dark chocolate hot cocoa pod with a breakfast blend and some milk.

~ I know some of you have seen your share of snow this season (just one snowflake is plenty of snow for me!), but here in the Deep South, we’ve had a few teasers of spring. I’m itching for some pretty blooms on my front porch and to no longer need my seat warmer on the way to work. Some of you are gluten-intolerant. I’m cold-intolerant.

~ random thoughts, random photos:




~ I’ve always thought I hated math, mainly because I’ve felt like I’m lousy at it. Somewhere along the way, probably in middle school, I missed some crucial concepts. Since math skills build on themselves, math was difficult for me all the way through high school and college. But all of a sudden I find myself really enjoying how numbers work, how orderly they are (or are supposed to be when treated right!), and I love the tidiness of numbers that balance at the end of the day. I think this is one aspect of Latin that I love — the patterns, the orderliness, the logic of it.

~ At the risk of this turning into a regular outlet for rants, let me just say that the drivers in my town do not understand the purpose or function of the turn lane. They use it to turn across, leaving their tails out in the lanes of traffic, totally defeating the purpose. Makes me crazy.

I’d better quit now…

Happy Thursday!


random thoughts

~ My printer taunts me. “OUT OF PAPER” it shouts, the accusatory notice blinking off and on. And there’s a stack of paper right there in the thing. Grrrrr.

~ Sunshine. It’s absolutely the best thing for my mental health. It’s really too bad that it’s so bad for this white Irish skin.  The choice: sanity or vanity.

~ And another tough choice: Should I open the sunroof and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, or spare my sinuses from a massive intake of pollen?

~ I know I join millions of other Americans in dreading the filing o’ the taxes. It’s such a pain. I’m working on mine, and I hate, hate, hate every minute of it.

~ It totally grosses me out when I have to reach into a sink full of cold, dirty dishwater to pull the plug.

~ Random thoughts, random photos:




~ Good thing it’s been a short week. A longer one would have done me in.

~ The upside of insomnia is more time to read.

~ Yeah, it’s been that kind of week…

Happy Friday!


random thoughts

~If you use social media primarily to complain about social media, you might be doing it wrong.

~ I’m thankful to live in a town where church bells ring out on the hour. A walk from my office to my car can be a mini worship service when “Holy, Holy, Holy” rings out on a clear, sunny day.

~ I love, love, love chocolate, but there’s something especially satisfying about a cold, crisp, sweet-as-candy apple.

~ I’m really into Sharpie fine point pens* these days — so much so that I’m using them to underline and make notes in my books instead of my trusty mechanical pencil. The colors make me happy. 🙂 And they really don’t bleed through paper.

~ Random thoughts & random photos!





~ That’s my mom — my best CAbi customer and cheerleader and a huge support to me (she’s not huge, but her support is!).

~ It’s my daily habit to listen to Dennis Prager podcasts while I get ready for work, and he always makes me think about a wide variety of subjects. This morning I’m listening to him talk with Elaine Bennett about the importance of a father (or at least another good, strong, loving male) in a girl’s life. THANK YOU, LORD, for my father!

Gotta run now to take on this long Friday.
Have a wonderful day!

*Every time you click on one of my Amazon links and make a purchase, a few pennies are tossed my way. They eventually add up and contribute to my book addiction. Thank you for feeding my habit as you shop.

random thoughts

~ Human behavior is a bottomless pit of weirdness. I can’t figure out why anyone would want to hang out on message boards for a group of people that he despises. I’ve read Auburn fan boards filled with Alabama fans seething with anger and hatred, and I’ve read discussion boards for conservatives that are over-run by liberals spewing vile language. Why? Life is much too short to spend time that way! There are even some folks who’ve shown utter contempt for me in “real” life who regularly check in on my blog. So very odd.  It might make a good research topic for a psychology student.

~ Here in the Deep South, we’ve spent days this week below freezing, and we’re expecting highs in the seventies this weekend. It’s wardrobe whiplash every morning as I try to figure out what to wear.

~ random thoughts…and random photos!





~ I’m still reading 11/22/63 every chance I get. Those chances are few and far between this week, and when I try to read it at bedtime, my drooping eyelids get the best of me.

~ I couldn’t make myself watch the State of the Union address. (See my first random thought above.) I did however follow the coverage after the fact. Our president’s hubris and Republican cowardice are wonders to behold.

~ I can’t decide if I want to laugh or cry when I read the “Rant & Rave” section of my local newspaper. Some of the comments are hilarious, some are incredibly ignorant, and some make absolutely no sense at all.

~ I’ve read recently that fish oil supplements may ward off Alzheimer’s disease. That terrible disease runs in my family, so I’d like to do all I can to prevent it. The problem is that I CAN’T REMEMBER to take them!

~ I miss Auburn football. I got a dose of it earlier this week, but it’s just not enough.

~ My cable box died today. It can’t be replaced until Monday. It’s a good thing I don’t care about the Super Bowl!

Happy weekend, y’all!


random thoughts

~ I miss college football.  And I’m not even the teeniest bit interested in professional football.

~ I have some travel ahead, and over the years I’ve found the key is to have very low expectations. That way, if my flights are on time, I’m pleasantly surprised.  Heck, if I don’t have to spend the night in an airport, I’m pleasantly surprised!

~ That reminds me of a powerful quote from John Piper that I read recently: “We are not entitled to pain-free, trouble-free life. Embracing this will ease the collision between expectation and reality.”

~ I’m really enjoying my Kindle lately. It’s so much easier to read in bed at night with it instead of a big hardcover book, and I love the light that came with the cover.

~ Speaking of reading, I’m hoping to finish John Grisham’s recent novel today. My favorite of his novels has been A Time to Kill, and this one picks up with many of those characters about three years later, but with an entirely different story. It’s not great literature, but it’s a good story set in the south.

~ I find myself growing more and more cynical about politics these days. And that’s not a good thing. It’s just hard to keep up with the news without getting discouraged. Yet I know that ignoring the news is not an alternative.

Gotta run. Have a great day!