just some random thoughts

~The older I get, the more — not less — surprised I am at life’s twists and turns.

~The older I get, the more I appreciate an uneventful day.

~People who work hard impress me.

~Sunshine is a key ingredient for my mental health. We’ve had inches and inches of rain recently. Make of that what you will.

~I cannot live without books. Or dark chocolate.

~Speaking of chocolate, the folks at Dove are totally wasting their money on whomever they’re paying to write those lame-o little sayings in their chocolate wrappers.

~On a related note, you’re getting what you pay for when you read my blog.

~People can be very kind.

~Liars will lie. It’s what they do.

~I don’t know if laughter is THE best medicine, but it sure is good stuff.

~I’m grateful to be surrounded by funny people.

~For all the sequester hysteria in the media, I have not heard even one of the many people (representing just about every income level) I interact with each day at work mention it.

~I must be getting old. If I pick up a People magazine or read entertainment news on the internet, I’ve never heard of most of the celebrities.

~That old wives’ tale about the full moon bringing the crazies out is really true.

Enjoy your Friday. I will — my girl is coming home tonight! 🙂